Valmiki Ramayana (A play adaptation)

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Valmiki Ramayana (A play adaptation)
By Arman Koul
he play was presented by the Kashmiri Youth Group of Andover, Massachusetts at their annual Deepawali get together. This group was started by kids who wanted to make the most out of their time together and decided to be in a play. The play includes an adaptation of the classic story of Valya the robber and his metamorphosis into Rishi Valmiki, the author of the Ramayana. Lord Rama went to exile for 14 years, during which time he and his brother Lakshmana fought a war to rescue Sita. Dipawali is celebrated to mark their return to Ayodhya after a long exile. There were two kids under the age of 7 in this play and all the kids sang a musical rap that they created.

The cast included Deer: Ria Vaishnavi, Sita: Ahana Tiku, Valya / Valmiki: Shyan Koul, Narad Muni: Kunal Vaishnavi, Lakshmana: Vishvesh Dhar, Shri Rama: Arsh Tiku and Narrator: Arman Koul. The average age of the group was 8 years and they displayed a great deal of maturity and sacrifice to get the whole play set up. The mothers designed the costumes and advised the kids on their performances.

We suggest other groups of kids to make use of this script and enact the play at their local events and functions.
Valmiki Ramayana (A play adaptation)

(All the characters are on the stage)

Narrator: This is about the Ramayana. Translated literally, Ram Ayana means the Ram-Story narration. We will start with the story of Sage Valmiki who wrote the Ramayana.

Before he became the renowned sage who wrote the Ramayana, Valmiki was a robber Valya who forced valuables from people walking through the forest. He even killed them sometimes.
- Valmiki enters the stage

One day the great sage Narad Muni passed through the forest.
- Narad Muni enters the stage

Valya was greatly awed by his presence and for the first time just wanted to admire someone and let him pass unharmed. But then he thought that letting someone pass like that would spoil his reputation of ruthlessness.
- Valya and Narad Muni enact according to the narrator’s description

Ist Part

Valya: Give me all of your belongings or I shall kill you.

Narad Muni: My friend, you are a strong and nice man. Yet, your actions are not honorable and you will be punished for your sins. Why are you being so cruel?

Valya: I am not educated and know no other trade. The reason I rob is only so that I can provide for my family. They understand and are my partners. They will support me no matter what and remain with me.

Narad Muni: Do you really think so? In that case, are you sure that they will be willing to take the blame and punishment for your actions? Go and ask them that.

Valya: I believe that they will but this is a cunning question from you. You are planning to escape without parting with your valuables.

Narad Muni: Go back home, ask them and give me a response. You will find me here. I even insist that you tie me with a rope till you return.

(Valya ties a rope around Narad Muni)

Narrator: Valya went back home and asked his family; parents, wife, children; if they were willing to take the blame, guilt and punishment for his sins. They said “No,” “We are not a party to your heinous crimes”. Valya went back to the forest where Narad Muni was tied up and waiting.
(While the narrator is speaking, Valya goes to all the characters acting as his family members. After that Valya returns to Narad Muni.)

Narad Muni: What did they say Valya?

Valya: They said that they were not willing to take responsibility for my sins. Oh how can I fix my deeds!

Narad Muni: You must repeat the name Rama over and over again. I will come back in some time and check on you.

Narrator: Valya could not even say the word Rama properly. So he started saying Mara, which means killed.

Valya: Mara Mara maramaramaramaramaramarama

Narrator: When Narada returned after several months, he was delighted to see the radiance around Valya. Even while saying Mara, Mara, he had been saying Rama, Rama. Valya had discovered the greatness that is Rama. He fell to Narad Muni’s feet and begged him to take him under his wing.

Valya: What will become of me now O Sage. I have committed so many crimes. How will I ever be able to overcome my sins?

Narad Muni: Do not worry. Just by chanting Rama’s name, you are like an ocean now. Your crimes are only like streams in the ocean. Rama is going to make everything alright for you. From now, you are Valmiki. So rise and be on your rightful path.

At this point an actor comes and sings the Valmiki Rap. He sings the Rap and immediately goes backstage and changes.

ACTOR (Raps)
Long, long ago, there was a very bad man
His name was Valya, and the jungle he would scan

Narad Muni was the one, who inspired his change
He decided to chant Ram, and became a sage

Narad Muni was kind, and filled him with peace
His words hit Valya, along with the breeze

He taught him how, to be very kind
And bring generosity, to his mind

Now Valmiki the sage, decided to sit down
And write Ramayana, the best book in town

Chorus:- Rama, Rama, Ram, Rama, Rama, Ram

Narrator: And so began the journey of Valya the robber to Valmiki the Rishi. After some time, Rishi Valmiki began writing the Ramayana.

Valmiki: Once upon a time in a land called Ayodhya, Rama was born to King Dhasharata and Queen Kaushalia. His brothers were Lakshman, Bharata, and Shatrughana. Rama was cheated out of being king and was exiled to the forest for 14 years. His wife Sita and brother Lakshman followed him into the forest….
(Valmiki, much older now, sitting down and shown penning the Ramayana)

At this point Ram, Sita and Lakshman come in and make a round on the stage.
The Deer (a child actor in costume) comes running on the stage and makes a round. Sita follows the deer and then goes to Ram.

IInd Part

Sita: Look at that beautiful deer. I want the deer.

Rama: But it is not natural for a deer to be that color. It seems to be an illusion.

Sita: But I want it. It is very pretty. Can you not bring it for me?

Rama: Fine Sita as you wish. I will go for it but you should remain safe. Lakshman, you take care of Sita and ensure her protection.

Lakshman: Yes brother. I will do that.
Rama leaves and is shown chasing the deer.

Narrator: Rama started to chase the deer but it was elusive. It would appear and then disappear again.

Sita: It has been a long time. Why has your brother not returned yet? You should go to check on him.

Lakshman: I would do that but he has asked me to be a guard for you. So I cannot move without his orders.

Sita: You need to listen to me and go find your brother. That is my command to you.

Lakshman: I am afraid that something wrong may happen. Yet, I am drawing this line at the door and you will be safe as long as you stay inside the line. Do not cross this line of protection at any cost. I am leaving in search of Shri Rama.

Lakshman draws a line on the stage.

At this point an actor comes and sings the Exile Rap.He sings his Rap and immediately goes to the side.

ACTOR (Raps)

Rama is the son, of king Dashratha
And became the king, of Ayodhya

He left to the forest, for 14 years
And Bharat took his work, even though in tears

Bharat refused to take, Ram’s place
And waited the moment, to see his face

In the forest, Rama was so brave
Sadus and rishis, he would save

Hanuman the wise, went to rescue Sita
Yogi he was, as defined by the Gita

Chorus:- Rama, Rama, Ram, Rama, Rama, Ram

Narrator: Sita was tricked into crossing the line and stolen by the Asura, Ravana after Lakshmana left in search of Rama.

Ravana is shown taking Sita away. Ram comes back

Rama: Oh no what will I do! Sita is gone. Now we know that the Asura Ravana has taken her away to Lanka.

Lakshman: Do not worry brother, we will find her and bring her back at all cost.

Rama & Lakshmana make a round on the stage

Narrator: The two brothers traveled towards Lanka, which was the kingdom Ravana was in control of. Along the way they gathered an army of monkeys, including Hanuman and Sugreeva.

Rama: I am glad that we have the brave and wise Hanuman as well as King Sugreeva and his army on our side.
Lakshmana: Yes I agree. They are doing their divine duty. We have to gather our army now and prepare for battle. Before that we have to find out about the enemy as well as how Sita Ji is?

Rama: I will ask Hanuman to fly to Lanka for the mission. You do your preparations.

Lakshmana: Yes brother, I will do your bidding. Ravana has called for his end by challenging you in this manner.

Narrator: Rama, Lakshmana, Hanuman and Sugreeva marched to Lanka with an army of monkeys and an epic battle occurred.

Ram & Lakshman are shown aiming arrows.

Narrator: At the end of the battle, Rama and the forces of good triumphed over Ravana whose deeds at that time were evil indeed. Rama brought back Sita and started his travel towards Ayodhya.

At this point an actor comes and sings the Battle Rap. He sings his Rap and immediately goes to the side.

ACTOR (Raps)

Ravana took Sita, and the battle was born
They started to fight, after blowing a horn

The armies that fought, were quite a good match
Hanuman fought, without getting a scratch

Monkeys and demons, battling everywhere
When Ravana came on, they all got a scare

The battle between good and bad, was well fought
But victory was the thing, that only Rama got

Rama and Sita, were united again
And the journey to Ayodhya, they all began

Chorus:- Rama, Rama, Ram, Rama, Rama, Ram

Sita comes back and all the actors make a round of the stage

Narrator: Diwali is the day that Rama returned to Ayodhya from his 14 year exile, along with Lakshmana and Sita. On Diwali, we light diyas to welcome Rama and guide His presence into our homes.

At this point an actor comes and sings the Diwali Rap. He sings his Rap and immediately all the actors join him to sing the last line.

ACTOR (Raps)

Ayodhya was so happy, when Rama came back
There was no fear, that anyone would attack

Diwali is the day, when Rama returned
On that day in homes, many diyas are burned

Diwali is called, the festival of Lights
We celebrate in the day, and pray at night

Victory over evil, with Ravana gone
Now celebrate together, from dusk till dawn

All Together:
Now that we are done, and your concepts are clear
Don’t forget… to celebrate every year


*Arman Koul is a 12 years old, 7th grade student from Andover, MA. He enjoys reading, music and sports, not necessarily in that order.

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Did you write this Drama of Ramayana? I can not believe it. My hats off for the writer of this drama. Rap is very well written. My Kudos to you.May God bless you and I am sure one day you are going to one of the great writer.
Added By Chandra Ganju
Proud of you Arman ! Keep it up. You are a true role model for younger kids around!
Added By madhu dhar
Indeed amazing that you have tried a highly technical art form of Stagecraft in this act.Though it is not an easy job but you have done it well at your maiden effort.You can perfect this art by and and by.For that you have to make deep study of Great Dramas.Bravo for your challenging attempt.
Added By pushkar ganjoo
Aru, You always make us proud. Looking forward to seeing more of good plays from you. Sanjay Uncle
Added By sanjay kaul
Great work Arman. I was working on a similar script mixing narration, pantomime, rap, music and a few dance steps here for our Ramlila play here in Brampton, Canada,...when I came across your script. It's really cool and was an inspiration to me to complete my script and give it a try. We are gonna play it on stage tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes.
Added By Srinivas Iyer
Great script Arman. Thanks for sharing. I am planning to use part of it for my Bala Vihar class grades 3-4 for Ramanavami celebration. The rap is fun. Thanks. God bless and may you continue to succeed in your future play writing.
Added By Pushpa Soundararajan
awesome!!!!! play u r really creative n a pride 2 all kashmiri pandits... love u betu!!
Added By vinti tikkoo
Iam sorry. Due to some technical errors Thank You isnot visible. But I say it here, Thank You so much. And yes,Superb Raps! :)
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Ťhäńķ Ýøü so much to the writer of this play. This was the need of an hour. Extremely helpful! Great job!
Added By Riya Verma
I was looking for dialogues to play the skit for kindergarten kids. This has helped me a lot. Hoping to play the show successful.
Added By Tina Shah
I really like how you have incorporated both ages old story and the interest of this new generation. I do want to say thanks for publishing it for public good. I would like to incorporate parts of this script for a play for kids in Philly.
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