Vakh te Vachun

A collection of devotional Lalwakhs

A collection of devotional Lalvakhs audio CD was released with English narration at Shuhul Taph, held at KECSS centre in March 2016. We are pleased to offer the audio tracks below for yiur listening pleasure.

The audio CD has been comosed & sung by renowned singer Mrs Sushma Dutta Kalla with Englosh narration by Kiran Kumar. To obtain a copy please contact:


Lalvakh Track 1
Lalvakh Track 2
Lalvakh Track 3
Lalvakh Track 4
Mystic poetry of Lalded is evergreen. Great work
Added By Rakesh Raina
Beautifully arranged and sung in beautiful voice of Sushma Kalla Je Good luck & God bless
Added By Sunil Razdan
lalla vaakah "Garun vaannam kunaye vachun ..... tavee mai laale haut Nangai naachun". Instead of Nangai naachun it should be “Navue Naachun” (New dance form). The reason being that on Gurus instructions,”Lalla” realized Oneness with God and thus her worldly manifestations got transformed into the celestial dance (Cosmic dance) full of blissful energy. And not that She started dancing naked as perceived by most of us. I need to be corrected if my conceptions are wrong.
Added By Ashwani Wanganeo