Nemesis of Detachment

Incidents occur in and around the world. Well most of the times we just shrug our shoulders and dust off assuring ourselves that it does not involve me. And the time we feel it hitting hard, I feel like the “Atlas shrugged.” In yoga we are taught the art of detachment. It is extremely difficult to peel off from what’s happening around you and affecting you. This “affecting me” and “around me” has no scale.

One person is upset because the food on his plate is not of his choice. So it affects him and disturbs him. It is as simple as this.

Another person looks at his plate; the food is not of his choice. But the thought that there is a child dying of hunger, he is upset. So it affects him as well. It’s as vast and complex as this.

I buy a dress of my choice and I am exhilarated. So it affects me.

Someone sent a box of chocolates to the orphanage and smiled. So it affected him as well.

In case of bigger issues like the ever doubting Nations, somehow we have learnt to be detached.

In case of bigger issues like the ever doubting relationships, somehow we have not learnt to be detached.

We tend to follow “What does not touch my skin and heart is not my problem”. We have amazing filters. We allow only that we want not what must be.

I have seen people mocking death. Because it has not touched me so it does not sound that bad. And sadly when it happens it’s not them who are affected but somebody else’s heart is touched and they feel the pain and existence of the inevitable.

The day you are sure of your death, you will naturally learn the art of detachment. Here is when awakening of the world and beyond becomes more powerful than ever and the pure attachment with your karma takes birth.

So now it’s not about my flesh and blood….it is my universe and doing my bit to make it better. In a way we must be completely attached to universe. We must motivate ourselves to channelize us for the best of the mankind.

To be able to do anything like this we need to widen our horizons. Notice this moment. Pay attention to the ordinary. I can be happy and I can be sad. Accept and understand the impermanence. Understanding the causes and the effect is the reality. You do not live by yourself. We are together, we all are connected. Numerous times we hear people expressing gratitude. That’s grace. Some see it in the fellow beings and some see it in the unseen. Be generous and spread the good that’s in you. You will sense the joy of this transitory world.

We all have the seed of compassion. So how can we not feel the sufferings of others. We must nurture and let it grow. That’s when the shining bubble of pleasure will vanish. That’s when the mundane will become marvellous.

Don’t shield your loved ones from the profound troubles of life. Let us and them be aware. Let there be spiritual hunger. Self reflections and effort to improve, together lead to deeper awareness.

Be like the top of the mountain that is aware of what is happening around. Be like the earth. Be there despite anything. Look around, know what’s happening, have a view, have a counter view as well , feel your pulse and then contribute.

The author is a full time mother and wife. Live in Lesotho, Africa with her family. Her childhood memoirs of Kashmir is her first attempt to pen down her feelings. She has started her own blog.