Nav Varih Mubarak

Kashmiri Poem
Nav Varih Mubarak
*Vinod Razdan
Navsamvatsara (Navreh)
This festival is celebrated on the first bright night of Chaitra. According to the lunar calendar, it is the first day of the New Year. It is also the first day of the creation of universe. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are worshipped on this day. It is also the beginning of Navratras. According to the custom, a plate (thali) is filled with rice. The following articles are also placed on the rice (i) milkpot (ii) flowers (iii) walnuts (iv) pen (v) inkpot (vi) coin or a currency note of any denomination (vii) Panchang of the new lunar calender year (viii) boiled rice (ix) Sugar or mishri (x) salt (xi) ghee (xii) baked rice flour bread (xiii) wuy a root of some kind of grass that grows in water and (xiv) picture of Vishnu or Shiva-Parvati. This plate is filled on the eve of Navreh (Navsamvatsara). Early in the morning of Navreh, the grandmother or elder lady or mother gets up and brings this thali for darshan by every member of the family. It is considered a good omen for the new year. Tahar of the rice is cooked and served after Pooja. Goddess Sharika is worshipped at Hariparbat. Flowers and Tahar are offered there. Navratras are celebrated with great devotion and faith. Goddess Mother is worshipped in homes and temples. Wye and kernels of walnuts are taken by every member of the family before taking any other thing in the morning.

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Kaitsaa Svandar Kavitah! Shabda Traavan Pravaah! I enjoyed it very much.Keep on writing in Kashmiri.
Added By Chaman Lal Raina
A nice poem. How I wish you could write the same in Standardised Devanagari Kashmiri which has relevant diacritical marks for typical Kashmiri sounds. For the software (Akruti Arinimal Software), you may contact AIKS, New Delhi. For further queries, if any, you may contact me thru e-mail. Kashmiri is our mother-tongue. Let us preserve it by speaking, reading and writing. Kudos to you for your love for Kashmiri language.
Added By M.K. Raina
Beshak ek Acchi Kashmiri Kavita.Aise Hii likhate rahiye. Kavi kaa Hridaysatytaa aur Shudhataa kaa Prateek hai. Dhanyavad. Jaya Ji.
Added By jaya Sibu
Bade jaan kavita. Lekhiv rozan.Aime saat chu tasli gachan te , ake doh vatav ais panani kashiri manz wapaswatav . Nav variuk chou tohi sarni mubarak. Maaj sharika thavinaiv pannun atha prath vakta peth. Dr Tej.K.Kaul
Added By Tej Kaul
A nice Kashmiri Kavita on Navreh.
Added By Omkar Kaul