Priya Raina

Priya Raina

*Arun Koul

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Indian audiences the world over were recently witness to a special event, a Kashmiri girl from small city Jammu winning raves for her performance on the India’s Got Talent show. Priya Raina embodied great, charismatic stage presence while delivering a powerful performance. Her act brought sheer joy to the audience and left it asking for more. The performance will be remembered for a long time,

This interview was deemed necessary, not just for presenting a special talent within our community but also to set a spark of inspiration in our aspiring performing artists. We hope that the commitment and passion of Priya Raina towards performing arts will motivate all the readers of Shehjar to support her endeavors by voting for her on August 1, 2009 (9-10 P.M., Colors TV Channel) and then to continue their support of the budding artist. We hope that her success will help parents in encouraging their children towards arts or any other field that they choose to excel in.
1. Hello Priya, please tell us about yourself.
Priya: Namaskar. I am a 22 years old Kashmiri Pandit yuva from Shopian, Kashmir. I completed my schooling from Jammu & Haryana and my graduation from Jammu. I am a very simple & family oriented person, yet individualistic too. I am an optimist.

2. Congratulations on your performances so far in the India’s Got Talent show. The audience and the judges (Kirron Kher, Shekhar Kapur, Sonali Bendre) were thoroughly impressed. What is your feeling after this achievement?
Priya: First of all thank u so much for all your support. I am glad, but at the same time I am feeling a sense of responsibility for my future performances.

3. Priya, please let us know about your interest in the arts and what inspired you to get into theater and mimicry? What gave you the courage and conviction to forge your own path?
Priya: Actually I had a fascination towards Indian Music, classical dancing & theatre since my childhood, but gradually it became a passion & I jumped into it wholeheartedly during my college period. I participated in all theatrical events, in group as well as solo performances & went to zonal & national levels. I won several awards.
I think that the people around me encouraged me a lot, be it my family, my friends.. everybody. And this encouragement gave me courage.

4. Tell us about any challenges that have been a part of your life. Tell our young readers how you are handling the challenges with a positive attitude.
Priya: Well, I think that when God gives you hardships, he also gives you all the courage to face them. 12 yrs back when my Mother passed I was too young. My father had to remarry for raising me & my younger brother. After that I had to suffer a lot but my father was a great man. 4 yrs back he passed due to cardiac arrest & that was the biggest loss for me. Then so many challenges & responsibilities came on my head, but life goes on….
By the grace of almighty everything is now going on the right track and I wish it to stay that way. I have complete faith in God’s judgments and I believe that we should surrender ourselves completely to God’s wish. With a positive & optimistic outlook towards life we can face any challenge.

5. You are a final year student of Psychology and Literature. What makes you committed to not only finding time for the arts (singing, acting, mimicry) but pursuing these as a career option?
Priya: Actually, During my college period I remained much in touch with cultural events and inter-college competitions. I think finding time or not finding time for the arts; it all depends upon the intensity of your passion and love for arts. That is what matters. G.B. Shaw in one of his novels said that “Happy is the man who can earn his living by his art”, and this simple line inspired me to choose performing arts as a career option.

6. Tell us about your recent and upcoming performances. Have you won any awards?
Priya: Yes, I have won several awards in the past. At this time, I am looking forward to my semi-final performance and results in the India’s Got Talent show. I do not have too much lined up for the future and am just going with the flow at this time. Hence, I am not able to say anything about my upcoming performances. I would like to say though that I would love to do more stage performances & some meaningful work in radio, TV, film and other media. I will be pursuing those opportunities after the India’s Got Talent show.

7. Tell us some interesting behind the scenes bits from your performances.
Priya: When i came for India’s Got Talent auditions, my final year exams were going on. My Psychology exam was on the 21st of May, 22nd was the date for audition and 23rd was the date for my next paper. On the 21st evening, after taking an exam paper, I left for Delhi with a bag in my hands. After the auditions on the 22nd, I was only able to reach the railway station about 15 minutes late. I ran hard after the train for about 2 minutes, shouting while running on the platform for someone to pull the chain. Somehow, I managed to get into the last chamber. After that, for the whole night I prepared for my next day exam and went directly to college for that. Ah; it was the most hectic, risky & adventurous time of my life, when both my education and career were at stake.

8. We at Shehjar believe that performing arts is a very positive outlet for our young adults to direct their creative energies. What are your suggestions for other young adults who may want to overcome their shyness regarding public performances?
Priya: I would suggest for the youth to participate in all the cultural & literary events at school & college, as much as possible. Apart from your studies, this is what helps you to overcome shyness and build confidence levels. Then you are ready to excel in your own fields of interest.

9. What are your plans going forward?
Priya: Telling you honestly, I have not been able to plan too many things in life. Whatever has been happening, good or bad, has been pretty much happening on its own. I have just been going with the flow.

For the future, my desire is to get good and meaningful work on screen. I would also try to continue doing theatre as it is my first love.

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very much impressed with her performance,PROUD OF THIS TALENTED GIRL as is from my community. GOD Bless Her
Added By ajay pandita
tears of joy welled my eyes when I saw Sarswati in the form of Priya Raina performing on the stage.
Added By B K Dass
Tears of joy welled my eyes when I saw reincarnation of Sarswati in the form of Priya Raina performing on the stage. It was unbelievable. I wish her to be the best to get honour to the community in exile. Brijdass chu venan lasiv te basiv.
Added By B K Dass
While reading:". No.7:Tell us some interesting behind the scenes bits from your performances. & adventurous time of my life, when both my education and career were at stake." I sobed and my heart beat became faster, lest Priya should m iss the train. When she managed it, I thought it was a good omen to show that however slipping opportunities, she will manage to catch it withe the grace of god and her dedication.
Added By B K Dass
We look forward to watching your semifinal performance on the India's Got Talent Show. Best wishes.
Added By Vimarsh Saproo
Hi Priya, Congratulations!!! in the Got Talent Show and this is your fist step towards attaining success, believe me you have a long way to go. Your performance as Kiran Kher said was versatile and packaged with the complete cultural and artistic packet. You have a beautiful voice and your parents above will be very proud of you as we as a community are. All the best and looking forward to seeing you as the winner of India's Got Talent.Good Luck
Added By Kaveri Hak
Dear Priya It gave me an immence pleasure to watch your performance.It was beyond words can describe. Keep up the passion .You will go a long way .GOD BLESS you and your family.Continue singing. You are making all of us proud of you . Love you Veena kaul MI USA
Added By Veena Kaul
That was a unique mimickery of a KP girl to watch. We have been watching their excellence in print/electronic media, as corporates, as managers, as enterprenures, as professionals in engineering and medicine fields and now in reality shows also. It reflects our transition from a singularistic to a pluralistic society and exhibiting talents of our new generation. May God bless them in cherishing their dreams!
Added By Vijay Hashia
It was simply a superb performance.It deserves to be archived by Shehjar.
Added By pushkar ganjoo
We are proud of you Priya keep it up.You will touch the sky. Good luck
Added By vijay koul
Dear Priya All of us in minsilule comminity are proud of you KEEP IT UP Being father of three daughters-----all elder to you by many years---i pray for your success in al fields of your activity May Lord Shive shower His Blessings on you KEEP UP AND MAKE US ALL PROUD Raj K Koul
Added By Raj K Koul
Very impressed with her Talent. Very Proud of her as she belongs to my community. GOD BLESS HER.
Added By ajay pandita
YOU WILL GO A LONG WAY AHEAD.OUR BEST WISHES WITH YOU Awaiting her to PERFORM LIVE on 15th Nov,2009,New Delhi at Srifort Auditorium from 5.00 PM onwards in front of her own Community alongwith other Artists from Mumbai, Delhi & upcomimg talent from Jammu.
Added By Ajay Pandita
i don't want to say anything coz this girl has big talent ... i am living in ireland n studying IT .. i wanted to ask her well she marry me if she is not married yet ? and if she read my this comment n she want to ask me anything so contact me on my number i well call u .. umer
Added By umer tilal
Hi Priya, I am an NRI and just watched the "Comedy Circus Ka Naya Daur" on youtube and was so impressed with you that googled you and found all about you and eventually ended up here,I think everybody says this to you but I will still say it that I am your biggest fan!!!! Your biggest fan. Rajeev.
Added By Rajeev Shrivastava
Very talented young lady. What has Ms. Raina been doing lately? Kashmiri community should do whatever it can to see Ms. Raina succeed. She has beautiful attitude despite all the odds she had to face growing up. She is not only beautiful from outside, she also seems to have radiant inner beauty. She is a force of nature.
Added By Romesh Khardori
Priya Raina is a force of nature. She has bright smile and beautiful attitude that comes through in her interview. Despite odds against her, she has taken life in stride, and one can only wish her success and bright future. Our Kashmiri community should do whatever is in its power to help her sail through otherwise rough and tumble of arts & entertainment industry.
Added By Romesh Khardori
Hi di, U r simply superb.we feel proud that u r part of our family. U are multitalented. keep it up. May u achieve everything what u deserve... :) from shafali bhat
Added By Shafali Bhat
hello my dear U make me feel proud always GOD bLESS U LUV U FROM ur massi
Added By Rajni bhat
Awesome courage and strength of character. Very talented girl. All the best dear Priya1
Added By Geetanjali Dhar
Simply SUPERB. Wish you all the best. Keep Going....... You your self can decide the limit.
Added By Ashwani Wanganeo
Hiii priyaa......nice to see my senior in tv industry I was ur junior in gals school bahadurgrah haryana
Added By Vandana negi
Wish You success in life Priya. May God be with you and help you achieve your goals. You are pride of our community.
Added By rakesh raina