Why don't you convert?

But Meera was left with more questions than what her student had posed. Why should a twelfth grader try to motivate her to change her religion? more

TAXI in Vienna

Afterwards he called me. He was sorry for being unable to answer my call. Taking a computer course exam had kept him from doing so. We fixed a time for early morning departure. more

Holy Sinners-Search of Kashmir

It is remembrance of the interrogations, the chest beating mothers, hair plucking fathers and missed opportunities of education and growth, pitiable conditions of Kashmiri’s Hindus in the refugee camps, etc. more

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Mistrust, jealousy and obsession to outdo are the defining elements of Pakistan’s foreign policy towards India. Since inception, false insecurities have kept it from enjoying the fruits of peace and friendship that India desires and both countries deserve. more


Imam Bukhari’s latest shenanigans – not inviting the PM and barking accusations of Modi’s unapologetic stand against the Muslim community carry a strong stench of opportunism. more


Alcohol has benefits as well as side effects. The benefits are strongly linked to what is called moderate drinking more


Horoscopes December 2014

Know your future from a world famous Astrologer more

Haider- A film that glorifies Terrorism

Haider is simply a biased film and glorifies terrorism. The movie, has failed to capture the complete story of Kashmir. more

What is important over Education

The flood of early September In Kashmir however resulted in the loss of almost a month. Due to differing and varied causes the students mostly remained aloof from the books and studies, however the fact remains the same; Syllabus already was in completion. more

Kashmiri Recipe

Kashmiri Recipe Alla Posh Mond/Pumpkin Flower Fritters more

Bedard Dade Chane

Popular Kashmiri Song: Bedard Dade Chane by Kailash Mehra Sadhu more

Kashmiri Songs, Skits, Dance, Asuna- ta- Ginduna

Video KP Cruise Overview Part-2, Kashmiri Songs, Skits, Dance, Asuna- ta- Ginduna more

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s U.S.A Visit

The curtain has come down on the high intensity visit of the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi’s to the U.S.A. However, the stage that he performed on is still rocking from the effects. more

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2014 Assembly Elections in J&K

This time, the BJP is fighting to win and actually form the government. That may be a far fetch because 46 of the 87 seats are in the valley, where the BJP has had no winning presence in the past. more

Creation of Centrally administered territory in Valley

Kashmiri Hindus cannot live dispersed in an environment plagued by fundamentalism and controlled by terrorist regimes more

Create J&K Reorganization Commission

International Groups to Modi on his US visit - Create a High Powered J&K Reorganization Commission more