Return of Kashmiri Pandits

Return of Kashmiri Pandit back to valley whatever the packages offered will have no takers except for a few greedy who lack vision but love money. more


Vultures are waiting and the leadership is wailing. Is there anyone listening? more


My ideological opposition to the creation of a Union Territory stems from a deep-rooted reluctance to support divvying up the nation each time it’s faced with an internal discord that threatens it’s integrity. more

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The Barter of Marriages

From the day of her birth, the parents are made to take a heavy load over their shoulders, which in a (straight forward) way, they want to get rid of, as soon as possible. more

Murder on my Mind

I was charged for murder. Yes Sir, a second degree murder. I had knocked down a man dead with my car and it was an old man who turned out to be the father of a politician. more


The valley of Kashmir has the fortune of being the seat of Sharda, the goddess of learning and that is why in our old scriptures, available here and there, it has been called Sharda-Desha or Sharda-peetha. more

Harmukh Award of Excellence

KHF recognizes and confers special award to Siddharth Acharya for his contribution to the history of KP's and educating the world about it throgh his film. more

Photo Feature - KP Cruise

7th KP Cultural Meet - First ever KP International Cruise Photo Featur more


Horoscopes August 2014

Read what this month has in store for you from our world famous Astrologer. more


History and its Heritage more


A video poem in Kashmiri more

Grand Opinion

GrandOpinion was formed to spread awareness amongst patients and their families ensuring them they have made the right choice by coming to the right place for medical care. more

Kashmiri Recipe

Kashmiri Recipe Alla Posh Mond/Pumpkin Flower Fritters more

Kashmiri Songs, Skits, Dance, Asuna- ta- Ginduna

Video KP Cruise Overview Part-2, Kashmiri Songs, Skits, Dance, Asuna- ta- Ginduna more

Kashmiri Leela Prokhtui Pooz Neernav

ideo Kashmiri Leela Prokhtui Pooz Neernav, First Ever International KP Cruise more

KP Cruise Overview Part-1

Video KP Cruise Overview Part-1, Introductions more

Photo Feature - KP Cruise

7th KP Cultural Meet- First ever KP International Cruise Photo Feature more

Sceinic Cruise & Mexico

7th KP Cultural Meet- First ever KP International Cruise more

Cultural Activities

KP Cruise Cultural Activities more

Payments to Shehjar - Google Checkout
Koshur Saal

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First Ever International KP Cruise

The 7th Annual KHF Cultural Meet this year was more different than usual. We decided to go international and on watYes, the endeavor to provide something different and unusual more

Return of Kashmir Hindus not an issue of economic package

anun Kashmir hopes that the new government in New Delhi will address the issue of return of Kashmir Hindus as an issue of reversal of genocide more

Magnificent Marigolds

I have attended different religious rituals, such as Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish, born-again Christian, and Roman Catholic, but I never visited a Hindu Temple or read about Hinduism, more

Shobhawati Kalla

With fiery spirit and indomitable will, over us she stood ever tall. more