India's most versatile RJ: Abhimanyu Kak

A singer, composer and actor with his roots firmly grounded in Radio; Abhimanyu, is one of the leading Radio Jockeys in North India more

The Seventeen Mile Drive

No, I don’t wish to reside In the mansions that dot this place Nor am I eager to tee off here On the finest grass ever grown more

Nemesis of Detachment

Be like the top of the mountain that is aware of what is happening around. Be like the earth. more

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Karna - The unsung Hero of Mahabharta

he commitment towards his principles was so deeply embedded in his psyche that he could not breach the same even in the thick of battle and his worst nightmares. more

Trail by the sea

I feel like a tiny particle Of the white sand here That we tread upon Without a care. more


An adoration to the Kashmiri Haar Mandal more


Tragedy of Death & Distance

Our lion of a brother felled like a tree still green in its prime. more

In the ocean of his endless eyes

If anything the aura stared plain... Happiness neither sadism more

Sheer Chai

Recipe for making the Kashmiri Sheer Chai (Salted - Pink Tea) more

Bhairav Stotra (Divine Hymns)

Bhairav Stotra (Divine Hymns) by Acharya Abhinavgupta more

Ek Chithi A Letter

A passionate Hindi KAvita on separation from Homeland more

Paintings by Jayashree Salecha

Budham Sharnam more

Kashmiri Hindu Groups in U.S. Protest Killing of Indian Soldiers

Who the hell is Sharif to call for a plebiscite more

Kailash Mansarover Yatra

I felt this was not earthly. There was something divine here. more

Horoscopes for 2017

Know what the New Year has in store for you? more

Payments to Shehjar - Google Checkout
Koshur Saal

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Exodus Day off kashmiri Hindus

Protest to mark 27th. Year in exile of kashmiri Hindus more


Roshni Koul is a high school senior from the state of Illinois USA. Her journey with vocal music began when she was 4 years old, sitting next to her dad at the Harmonium, as he taught her the seven swaras that make up the Indian vocal scale. more