The Orioles are Back

In the house, Mahda saw an ashen-faced Bablal pacing up and down in anxiety. He still remembered how Bablal had taken off his freshly pressed turban and put it at Mahda’s feet to seek help in this hour of unprecedented crisis. more

Walking in Flames

a collection of poems by Bal Krishan Pandita. It encompasses life's journey with innocence and simplicity, more

Redeeming for lost Pride of Kashmiri Pandits

Unaware of their origins, whenever new generation KPs are challenged about their bonafide identity they oft-times find solace in disguising themselves in larger national identity. more

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The Real Birbal

In his paranoia he rounded up all those whom he suspected of being in league with Birbal Dhar. He sent them all to a concentration camp established near Nishat garden, where numerous atrocities were committed on them. more

Tragedy of Death & Distance

Our lion of a brother felled like a tree still green in its prime. Like a warrior being hit by a fatal arrow, falling in a war. more

Hindi Song Rahi tu Mat Rukjana

A beautiful Hindi Song by Hemant Kumar with a new video more


Horoscopes for 2016

Know what the New Year has in store for you? more


I miss the days when we actually enjoyed our lives, without the disturbance of external agents like camera, cell phones and selfies! more

We and our customs

We Hindus are only community on this planet who doubt and ridicule customs and our cultural heritage more


An independent e-magazine is being launched in the United Kingdom to bring News & Current Affairs of Hindus more

How to make Homemade Paneer

Homemade Paneer Recipe more

Hindi Song Rahi tu Mat Rukjana

A beautiful Hindi Song by Hemant Kumar with a new video more

Kashmiri Song Mey ha Roza Dharai

Kashmiri Song by Manju Zutshi Raina more

Forgotten Temples of Kashmir


Kashmir- Photo Gallery

Nostalgic images from Kashmir more

Shehjar Panchang 2015

Panchang by Vijayeshwer Jyotshi Karalaya and Shehjar more

Shehjar Muhurat 2015

Muhurat by Vijayeshwer Jyotshi Karalaya and Shehjar more

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Koshur Saal

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Remove Article 370 to solve Kashmir problem

The day article 370 giving special status to J&K is removed, the Kashmir problem would be solved. more

Stop holding India's Parliamant at Ransom

Congress hatched one after another conspiracy to derail the government: Dadri murder, Karnataka murder, ghar wapsi canard, Sahitya Akademi award return, etc more