Protect My House

Holding a stick in his hands; he never allowed his family to take things from the house. The childhood pictures, photo frames of Gods and a picture of Lord Krishna; all of them were put back onto their places. Everything was left inside. Keeping things in the house meant hope; hope of coming back. more

Ignored Wisdom

Read sage Kannada’s GURUTVA. It talks of gravity long before Newton was borne, Rishi was first to say that matter is indestructible. more

Sanskrit and the Indian Elite

The Sanskrit language has wonderful structure, ‘more perfect than Greek, more copious than Latin and more exquisitely refined than either more

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A Half Widow

I can never let the flame in me vanish, the flame that has the light of hope in the dark from where I might see hamza coming towards me more

Delhi Elections

It is not clear what is in store for the citizens of Delhi - good governance or good agitation. Let’s all wait and see what triumphs - hope or experience. more

Nyla Ali Khan: An eyewitness to K History

She is again in discussion among the literary circles for her new book titled “Islam, Women and Violence In Kashmir”. more


Horoscopes March 2015

Horoscope predictions and forecasts for this month from our world famous Astrologer. more


Hindi Kavita more

Shri Ganpat Bhagwaan

Ganesh Vandana in Kashmiri more

Alla Yekhean

Kashmiri Recipe- Bottle Gourd with Yoghurt/Alla Yekhean/Green Squash more

Kashmir - Vintage Images and Paintings

Video Presentation of Images by Pandit Vishi Nath Kampasi & Paintings by Pandit SatLal Kampasi more

Bedard Dade Chane

Popular Kashmiri Song: Bedard Dade Chane by Kailash Mehra Sadhu more

Sāmarasya (Harmony)

Bliss is a very important characteristic of sāmarasya. The bliss he enjoys is not new, but only the original quality of the pure soul. It is a state of mind, which is free from all kinds of sufferings. more

Shehjar Panchang 2015

Panchang by Vijayeshwer Jyotshi Karalaya and Shehjar more

Shehjar Muhurat 2015

Muhurat by Vijayeshwer Jyotshi Karalaya and Shehjar more

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Koshur Saal

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AALAV 2015 Kashmiri Cultural Function

Keeping the culture alive is a responsibility of the family more than that of the community more


The write-ups in the anthology bring out Pandits’ nostalgia for Kashmir, their sense of betrayal and their attempts to pick up the pieces and carve a new way for themselves. more

Vijayeshwer Jantrie (Almanac) released

Vijayeshwer Jantrie (Almanac) for saptarishi samvat 5091 corresponding to the year 2015-16 was released more