The Game Changer: Praneet Bhat

In conversation with Ruchi Kak more


‘श्री बहुरूपगर्भस्तोत्रम्’ का महात्म्य more

To the cave & Back

From Panchtarni to the entrance of the Amarnath cave, the trek gets tougher as one has to negotiate rocky terrain, icy streams and frozen passes. more

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The Final Frontier

This is an anthology of one hundred and seven poems penned down in free verse while I was caring for my mother during her last four years of life. more

Business & Social Behaviors in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is referred to as the `Pearl of the Orient’. The name not only describes its scenic beauty, impressive modern structures, and magnificent natural harbor, but also the energetic, hardworking people more


Once again I saw a purpose in this whole melancholy of pessimism and despair. I couldn’t allow my own life slip out of my hands more


Stay close to me

Open your eyes and see Bursting through your seams, more

Anuradha Tikku

A versatile Vocalist more

Alla Yekhean

Kashmiri Recipe- Bottle Gourd with Yoghurt/Alla Yekhean/Green Squash more

Bedard Dade Chane

Popular Kashmiri Song: Bedard Dade Chane by Kailash Mehra Sadhu more

Kailash Mansarover Yatra

I felt this was not earthly. There was something divine here. more

Images from Kashmir

Images from Kashmir from Sharu Wani more

Paintings by Jayashree Salecha

Budham Sharnam more

Horoscopes for 2017

Know what the New Year has in store for you? more

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Koshur Saal

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Exodus Day off kashmiri Hindus

Protest to mark 27th. Year in exile of kashmiri Hindus more


Roshni Koul is a high school senior from the state of Illinois USA. Her journey with vocal music began when she was 4 years old, sitting next to her dad at the Harmonium, as he taught her the seven swaras that make up the Indian vocal scale. more


There’s dichotomy in the way Pakistan has lent ‘only the moral and diplomatic support’ to the Kashmiri cause more