The Lost Paradise

The Lost Paradise
by Deepak Ganju

This short film is produced by Deepak Ganju based on his visit to Kashmiri Hindu Refugee camps in Jammu, in 2006.
Kashmiri Hindus were forced to leave their homes due to violence, terror and fear unleashed in Kashmir valley since 1980's by Islamic terrorists. The result has been the displacement of almost the entire Kashmiri Hindu population from the valley.
Even after 18 years of forced exodus, the Kashmiri Hindu community has not only been deprived of their ancestral homes, but also their roots and a place of belonging. The film depicts the present condition of some of these community members. We acknowledge the contribution of Ashok Pandit who allowed use of a brief 3 minute presentation from his film "And the world remained Silent"
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Shocking and an eye opener for me. I had only heard about all this but not seen it. I was rooted to the screen till the film finished. The heart goes out to young students. May I know how we can help please.
Added By Geetanjali Dhar
You know the difference between Muslims and Hindus? World wide muslims will unite for a cause whereas Hindus have neither been able to do that nor will they learn lesson from that. It is high time that the pundits should act beyond their community and ensure the support from the whole Hindu community ( who too equally bear their feeling) in this country as well as from all the people who are opposing this dreadful injustice meted out to Kashmiri pundits.
Added By Ashok Nair
shocking to see this eye opening informative video. this video will be one day viewed as historical documentation. this video will at lease speak to our coming generation what their ancestors have gone through.THANK YOU SIR.
Added By rohit bhan
This film brought tears to my eyes. Very well made film. Although we all know about the sufferings and mental trauma of Hindus from Kashmir, the movie breaks your heart. Rohit has correctly said that one day this all will be viewed as a historical documentation.
Added By Ashok K. Sapru
Tears of sorrow in my eyes.How can I explain, the emotional disturbance in my being! Keval Aansu Charuu Aur kayii Huye Anaath kayi vidhwaye sanp ke Dansh, akal mritue bas yehii Thii Dastaan Sarvatra ban gaye Shamshan
Added By Jaya Raina
Deepak Ji, Every time I have seen this video, I am moved.
Added By Arun Koul
Dear Deepakji, Regards to you . Vivek
Added By Vivek Raina
I watched the Video with great interest till the end. It was the most moving thing I have experienced on Kashmir ever.
Added By Meenakshi Sharma
I on the behalf of all youth of not only the most victim of terrotism but of the whole hindus congratulate for making such a film. Deepak ji I want to screen this in the DELHI UNIVERSITY is it possible to send me the CD of the same so it will be easy to get it screened.
Added By Manish K
I got moved by the visual documentation done by you at Jammu refugee camps and I tell you one visual is far more stronger than words. It hits you hard as hard as the cruelty kp's have undergone. such attempts will always bring us closer to reality of 'broad day shadyantra by Islamic fundamentalist' to uproot kp's from there birth place and it will always be there for generations to come. for the big cause that .............picture never lies................
Added By Subash Razdan
this is a very good effort from shehjar i would like to request our all the leaders parties ngos to join hands and fight for our rights i.e to go back to kashmir if u need our blood that is ready but i want request our all orgnisations please join hands nothing is impossible in this universe but there should be a firm will for fighting for rights regards dilip pandita
Added By dilip pandita
Deepakji, Thanks for reminding me that the fight is not over. I have to do something for my people back home. I have seen all this with my own eyes how my uncle was brutally killed for no fault of his. His Killing has devasted us.
Added By Sunny Toshakhani
Friends let us all wake-up and fight back and Help our brothers living in such a condition . We can not take such thing any more !
Added By Sanjay Sapru
Only thing I can offer is hope. These children will fight back and get their motherland back. That is what I hope. Sympathetic words will not help. We have to help them to achieve their motherland back. We are working to educate people and this video helps to achieve. Vande Mataram aur Subham Astu
Added By Kaushik Patel
Moved to tears to see the sufferings of the extraordinarily capable and proud Kashmiri Pandits.I had spent 5 years in the then REC Srinagar as a student during late sixties and early seventies and had visited several KP homes to attend weddings,functions etc.To see this community of toppers suffering so badly brings tears to my eyes. Since they are not too many in numbers,our oppurtunistic political class has done nothing to mitigate the sufferings of these nice people for over 18 years now.
Added By V Rajagopalan
It was NOT lost paradise. It was SURRENDERED PARADISE. Kashmir was surrendered by India. Even when our toops were advancing that S.O.B. ordered their WITHDRAWAL and then called it CEASE FIRE LINE. He had no intention of recovering North Kashmir. He could have done it.
Added By Rajwant Singh
Ok, this unfortunately happend to us Kashmiri Pandits thanx to a SICK-ular CON-gress so called govt. Can we at least learn a lesson from this as to how & why we have allowed ourselves to be ethnically cleansed from our own lands? So how do we get ourselvs OUT of this mess? What steps are we planning to take as a united force to fight the Islamics out of our lands..
Added By Mina Ajay Sharma
In fact how do we chase Muslims out of Kashmir which is our birthright - we must take it back by hook or crook. All this crying won't do, none of the silent protests will do.KP brothers & sisters lets unite to fight back. We need to organise a mass movement from USA, Uk to India.Stand up & fight is the message of Shri Krishna to Arjun - and to all Hindus.
Added By Mina Ajay Sharma
Mr. Deepak Ganju really painful to watch this video and more painful to watch our sister's & brother's are still suffering ..Thanks to you for composing such an priceless movie which I am sure will bring tears to all KP and hopefully all t...hose KP's who are well settled and well off will come forward and help our community in some or other way ...
Added By Dilip Bhan
Mr. Deepak Ganju really painful to watch this video and more painful to watch our sister's & brother's are still suffering ..Thanks to you for composing such an priceless movie which I am sure will bring tears to all KP and hopefully all t...hose KP's who are well settled and well off will come forward and help our community in some or other way ...
Added By Dilip Bhan
A heart touching documentry, but true, keep encouraging new generations. dont expect anything from secular dootiwalas, Live and let live.
Added By sanjay bhan