India's 59-hour Infamy (Video)

India's 59-hour Infamy
A pictorial Overview of war on Jihadi Terrorism in Mumbai

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Heart Wrenching Scenes, Amazing lyrics & Vocals, I am touched. Kudos to all who worked on this project.
Added By Mahesh Bhasin
Mr. Deepak,this presentation is superb,very touching. My wife and I cried. I agree with the message that this is not time to play politics but to unite and fight together terrorism. This is not only Indian or Kashmiri problem but this is a global problem.We have to save our country and our children. My salute to you. You are doing wonderful job.We need more soldiers like you.
Added By kaushal sharma
This is an excellent video that every one should watch. I shared this link along with the following petition is addressed to the Prime Minister, Home Minister, Defence Minister of India and major media publications of India. Please take a look at it, consider signing yourself with your comments and forward it to as many people as you can. "Demand for Action Against Recent Terrorist Attacks on Mumbai" hosted at Thanks. -Satya
Added By Satya Nemana
I strongly condemn this act of cowardness by the enemies of my motherland and urge PM to take the strongest action against the terrorist. I am not satisfied with the resign of of Home Minister he has to give the answer to all of us. How could such a lax in security can happen when the intelligence were aware of possible attack through sea route, he cannot shy away with his responsiblites just by resigning. People have lost their lives..
Added By Vijay Mishra
Why is this video "59 hr infamy" not working anymore? Please make it work. I want to send it to more friends.
Added By Prerna Patel
We do not know why this particular video had some problems and was not working. Perhaps may be some hacking. We have uploaded a new file and it is working now. We regret inconvenience caused to our readers.
Added By Deepak Ganju
This is the best video that shows how we are under attack from Jehadi terrorism. The legendary Bhupenda's voice has opened up a new dimension to this outrage. How long WE WILL ACCEPT THIS? VOTE FOR THOSE WHO WILL NEVER COMPROMISE ON NATIONAL SAFETY AND SECURITY. Vande-Mataram. Many thanks for creating this footage.
Added By Dipak Ghosh
Well done, Deepakji. This is a masterpiece and soul piercing. A must see for all and needs to be forwarded to as many people as possible. Vande Mataram.
Added By Kusum Vyas
When I watched this video, I could see pain and suffering in each and every soul.I myself wept with these weeping souls.We need PEACE and PEACE only. I praise your artistic view of videography, who could connect the tragic scenes with the greatest Mumbai tragedy, befitting the poem.
Added By Chaman Lal Raina
After watching the video, I felt the same pain and suffering of the people involved in the Mumbai Tragedy. It gave me goosebumps. It seems like the poem was made for this presentation.
Added By Pamma Koul
We in India might forget with the time pass by and by, what had happened in Mumbai on 26/11.But this video assembaly will last for a long time. You are suggesting the direct action in your vedio, i do agree he solution is in "Yeda Yeda Hi Dharmesi....". Keep doing, keep going for you have a lot to share your talent to masses. SHEHJAR has to a long way, concentrate on audio and audio-visiuals, that makes Shehjar differnt from other E-magazines.
Added By subhash razdan
GREAT! I FORWARDWED THE SITES ADRESS TO ALL MY FRIENDS. Excellent song and picturisation. One that will be ignored by mainstream media or twisted to serve its interests. Heartfelt passion has been rendered politically incorrect by the media and the sickos on the wrong side of center.