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Kashmiri Pandits throng at the Hari Parbat in Faridabad on Navreh
Faridabad (India) March 21, 2010

Report by Puran Patwari, images by Deepak Ganju & Puran Patwari

Thousands of Kashmiri Pandits from the entire NCR area thronged the Hari Parbat complex located at Anangpur village in Faridabad on 21st March 2010 to celebrate Navreh organized by Kashmiri Sewak Samaj Faridabad. It was a pleasure to see people interacting with each other and wishing on the occasion. Home made food which each family had brought with them, was had in an atmosphere of gaiety and many families shared delicacies with each other. The occasion reminded one and all of similar outings in the valley heralding the onset of spring after the severe winter. Navreh, traditionally, signifies the Kashmiri New Year.

KSS Faridabad served Tahri, Halwa and Kesari kehwa through its volunteers which was relished by all in abundance. In the evening a cultural evening was held where prominent performers from the community including Abhay Rustam Sopory, Dilip Langoo, Gautam and others entertained the audience with sizzling numbers. A young team from Gurgoan enacted a skit depicting the loss of homeland for us in an entertaining manner to the thunderous applause of all.

Earlier in the afternoon a plaque dedicated in memory of Late Padamshree Pt J N Kaul, popularly known as Papa Ji, was unveiled by Sh M K Kaw in presence of Sh Moti Kaul and many other prominent community personalities, in gratitude to his vision in creating a replica of the Hari Parbat located in Srinagar. The leaders reminded the audience of the great contribution of Papa Ji to the cause of K P's as a community.

*Puran Patwari is the General Secretary, Hari Parbhat Mata Mandir Prabhandak Committee Chekreashewer Anangpur, Faridabad, Haryana .
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Great job by the organizers. Thanks for sharing.
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