The Snake


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"The Braves Arise "
The snake inaudibly stalks its prey

Not a peep it makes

I must say

The mouse, unaware of the snake

Goes on about its normal business

The snake still awaiting the moment

In which it will pounce

The moment comes

The snake attacks

The mouse does not expect it

Too bad for the mouse

It is the snake's moment of triumph

The snake teaches us that silence is golden.

It makes no sound and in return it gets the mouse.

*Arman Koul is a 11 years old, 6th grade student from Andover, MA. He enjoys reading, music and sports, not necessarily in that order.

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Arman, I was able to learn a lesson from your poem. Keep learning yourself and keep expressing your learning through words for others.
Added By Arun Koul
Asrman,your poems become triumphs of moments for us because they are so detailed and so accurate.It needs a lot of concentration and observation to feel and write such pretty things.We are sure that you have in you to improve and shine.
Added By pushkar ganjoo