LOVE FOOL by Sunny Moza


Sunny Moza
Ankit Monga spoke with Sunny Moza before release of the Film- Love Fool. This is a film about Sahil and Sonia. Sonia has found that Sahil is cheating on her. So now she is walking away from their marriage. What happens next? What will Sonia do? And what about Sahil? The film also includes a romantic Bollywood-style original song. Must see movie.... Our own Sunny Moza made and has acted in this...
What is the idea behind Love Fool?
: When I was taking a film making class back in 2008, one of my assignments was to come up with a story idea. I then wrote a few lines of, what is now LOVE FOOL. Usually an idea fizzles out after a few weeks or months but when I read it again in 2010, I was still excited about it. That’s when my wife Nidhi & I decided to make a movie out of it and also take it to the next level by adding some bollywood elements like having an original composition. Before we knew it, LOVE FOOL was born.

Where was the movie shot?
The whole movie was shot in the Bay Area.

What inspired you to get in film business and some background on you
I've always loved films as I'm sure most of us do. I took some film classes as I was finishing my Masters degree in Computer Engineering. After that, I went to Bombay for a few months where I did some commercials and guest roles in TV serials. Since then, I've continued acting in independent films and stage along with my full time job. You can check out some of my work at
Movie Trailer

YouTube link to the trailer of LOVE FOOL

What are your suggestion for aspiring new actors/directors in US who want to make desi short films
SM: "Just do it". If you want to make a movie or do anything for that matter, the only person who can stop you from doing that is YOU.

What are challenges to make such movies and what Indian community in US can or should do to support such initiatives
SM: Independent film making is not really independent. It's highly dependent on friends, family and your extended circle. Getting resources and people to help and commit to a project, whose end result they wouldn't see for a few months, is not easy. And that's natural because a story written on paper can be visualized in hundred different ways. In the beginning, only the director has seen the film in his head and his team just has to have faith in him.

One of the challenges is juggling between full-time job and creative projects. You can easily drive yourself crazy if you don't have good support system around you. If it wasn't for my wife Nidhi and my family's support, I doubt I could have continued acting and film making.

SM: I'm very happy that people have been appreciating my work so far. My short film KURSE received the Audience Award at the Northern California Film Festival and was also screened at the Mississippi International Film Festival. And LOVE FOOL has already been accepted in to a Film Festival and it's title song has been playing on local radio stations. Not only that, even the Mayor of Milpitas, Jose 'Joe' Esteves has accepted to be the chief guest at the LOVE FOOL screening event. You can watch the trailer of LOVE FOOL @ and if anyone missed the screening event, the DVD of LOVE FOOL will be available for purchase at

At the end of the day, I'd like to thank God for giving me what I've and also what I don't.
Love Fool Screening Tickets
WHEN: Oct 16, 2011 @ 2:30PM
WHERE: Serra Theaters, 200 SERRA WAY #37, MILPITAS, CA 95035
 Actors Sunny Moza, Preethi Chandrasekhar, Neha Goyal
Introducing - Vanessa Patel, Richa Shukla
Producers Nidhi Moza
Sharanjit Singh
Writer, Editor, Director
Sunny Moza

Director of Photography
Pavan Kumar Raj

Music Bill Sorensen

Original Background Score
Nishant Asthana
Assistant Director
Riju B. Francis
Lighting Directors Henry "Sir Henri" Cheung
Dave Borja
Make Up & Costumes
Nidhi Moza
Art Director Archita Mandal
Choreography Consultant Meet Aghera
Behind the Scenes Harsha Ramakrishna
Nidhi Moza
Roger Duhamel
Singers Dhira Khosla
Aanand Krishnan
Lyrics Sunny Moza
Production Assistants
Akshay Prem Vyas
Nishant Asthana
Ryan Fallini
Craft Services
Nidhi Moza
Reena Moza
Location (House)
Ashok Moza
Poster Design Neeraj Dhulekar
*Ankit Monga
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