Photo Feature - 5th KP Cultural Meet -2012

Cultural Activities (Kashmiri Skits)
Cultural Activities (Wanvun)
Khyna Ta Chana- ख्य्ना त चना

Meet, Greet & Socialization
Moods & Emotions
Music & Melodies
Amazing Kids
Scenic Bass Lake
Camp Picnic

Kailash Mehra PBS Interview with Kuldip Thusu
Awards & Recognitions
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Proud to see this kind of celebrations and such talent that brings us closer to our roots even if we live so far from our motherland. Keep up such good work.
Added By Dileep Kaul
Amazing to see such diverse programs and events held at this cultural Meet. I wish I was there. Must have been spectacular experience for all those who attended.
Added By Amit Bhatt