KP Cultural Meet 2012 Part-1

KP National Cultural Meet 2012
Video Overview Part1

KP National Cultural Meet 2012
Video Overview Part1
Video covers prior events like PBS interview preview held on June 29th, recording of Kashmiri song "Taniye Taniye" and camp beginning on 30th 2012 showing award ceremony, Vijay Malla tribute & Kailash Mehra Concert.

Video Produced by: Deepak Ganju
Location: KP national Cultural Meet 2012, Oakhurst, CA (USA)

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I salute you for this compilation. I know it is not easy to find time and it takes a LOT OF TIME , EFFORT AND RESEOURCES to accomplish and bring a product of such quality to all of us. Iknow that you must have spent many many sleepless nights. THIS IS THE BEST WAY OF KEEPING OUR MEMORIES ALIVE. THANK YOU!!!!
Added By Kuldip Thusu
Superb! What a grand presentation? God bless all who organized it.
Added By Anil Koul