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Dr. Swamy would ask the government to repeal article 370 in Kashmir
Miami, FL USA June 1, 2013
Dr. Suhramanyan Swamy, President of the Janata Party, has said that NDA will form the next government in India and as an ally of NDA, his Party would ask the government to repeal article 370 and reconsider its policy on Kashmir.

He was speaking in Miami on 'Preserving Hindu Heritage in challenging times' during his first stop of a 3-week lecture tour of USA. The meeting was organized by Kashmir Hindu Foundation, Inc. in collaboration with many Indian Organizations of South Florida.

Dr. Swamy spoke extensively on Preserving Hindu Heritage and emphasized the need to understand Heritage as an Identity. The state of affairs Kashmiri Hindus find themselves in presents us an example of the importance of preserving one's identity. The speech was broadcast live over the internet and viewers from across the globe listened to the inspiring speech by Dr. Swamy.

He rejected the western inspired Aryan Invasion theory creating Aryans & Dravidians which has since been denounced vehemently by archeological and other evidences. Our DNA from Kashmir to Kanyakumari is same according to Genetic studies. He said that a common language needs to be evolved from the mother language, Sanskrit. He spoke very highly of the Hindu value system and said we should harmonize material and spiritual approaches to life.

Earlier, welcoming Dr. Swamy, Deepak Ganju, compared him to Chanakya who was an acharya as well as a politician. Chanakya is another name for courage and perseverance and so is Dr. Swamy who has committed himself to see India as one unit. During his recent visit to Kashmir, Dr. Swamy reminded majority Muslim population that Kashmir's accession with India was an irrefutable fact.

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