DURGA -The Divine Mother



Chaman Lal Raina

I am the Divine Mother Durga-the Life Urge

Teaching through the Seer Markandeya, how to adore Me.

The vision of Medha Rishi makes you to see Me.

I am Chandi –the Eternal Durga Sapta Shati,

'Suratha' is just the personification of valor

' Samadhi' is the highest form of meditation.

Primal breath, I am in all the earthly manifestation,

Perceived through the senses, I alone do exist.

Touch, taste, smell, sight and sound are just functions,

I am the body rhythm , through Yogic postures and relaxation

Spirit and consciousness, I am of the embodied soul,

Myself, I am the 'Atman of Brahma',the purpose behind creation.

I am the eternal 'ego' revered as 'Vishnu-Maya'

I am Maha Kali-the unspoken timelessness.

Measure of the time, is my fun, game and play,

I create day and night, month within year and millenniums.

See me through the Nava/ nine Durgas of immesurable aeons.

I rise with glaciers, vales, jungles and mountains,

Herbs, trees, rocks and springs adore my names

Clouds ,thunder, storms,hurricanes are just puctuation of nature

The ocean is just a drop before my physical manifestations.

I am a swimming action and a drifting march,

I am thus revered as' Devi Shailaputri' an earthly existence.

I sustain the universe with my transcendental graphics .

I am a point, curve, cone,a sphere,and a vertex

I abide in straight line, angle, elevation

'Agamic' experts see me visible in the sacred geometrical figures.

Some adore me through Japa,Homa and oblations

I am the sound, syllable and the seed of the Vaak,

I am a curve, a petal , a square and a 'Bindu'-- central triangle.

These are venerated as Chakras and Yantras

Some adore it in the 'Ashada--Mandalas'

I am in the ascent and descent of the musical notes

And I am the essence in the 'Sutra'---aphorisms

I am the tangent touching the circle of transmigration,

I paint with Divine brush and cosmic colors,

Shades and colors are my impressions and aesthetic sisters

Brush strokes give me the shape of artist's devotion,

Who Clothes me with his fine tastes of decoration

I am ' Anna'--the food for life sustenance

I am thusrevered as 'Shakambhari'

The realms of Brahma,

Vishnu and Shiva are my creative expressions,

These are just the glimpses of my Primal thought and visions

I bring light on the canvas of humanity.

Thus, I am revered as First Devi Brahmacharini .

Philosopher’s wisdom is the shadow of my vision

Being Durga…, I am Existent-- the Eternal one.

Rishis deciphered my Mantra in meter and rhythm

It could be so through my grace,but his intuition

I am embodiment of creation, sustenance and dissolution.

Rishis deciphered the Mantra in syllable, word and Vedic meter.

Visible I am in the flash of the Markandeya’s eye...,

Who adored me within the Anushtubha,

Ushanik and Jagati Vedic meter

Dressed me in various colorful robes and celestial fabrics

Putting snake,

sword and missiles in my different hands and looks.

Seeing me on the couch of a roaring lion

I alone gave a vital breath to Lord Vishnu's Ananta,

a cosmic serpent

Who personifies the couch of Vishnu then,

Giving birth to Brahma through naval root,was my first emotion.

Simultaneously 'Madhu and Kaitabha' were born of Vishnu’s ear –wax, then

With dreadful demoniac looks they had been around Milky ocean

Hastening they were to kill the Brahma- Lord of creation

Universe was filled with all violent turbulance and commotion.

Brahma's 'Vaak' received the Divine recognition.

The Primal ' Ratri Sukta' was born, It was all dark then,

Thus the spontaneous Eternal cry was heard.

Brahma begged for lease of life---

with the praises of 'Svaha' the Yajna word

He uttered the sound 'Svadha', to invoke 'Yoga Nidra'

The Vak got vibrated in A-U and M (OM) in 'Vashatkara'

A celestial scene, the Sun with Dawn was seen---

Day came into existence,proclaiming cosmic event,as it had been

Devatas were commissioned to help Brahma for procreation.

Markandeya portrayed me as Vishnu- Maya, hidden in Narayana then

Who was aroused from Cosmic sleep of 'Yoga Nidra'

Was seen ornamented with conch, disc, lotus and 'Mudra'.

They got deluded ,hence proclaimed:

“O demons! You are really full of strength and great,

Ask for a boon to create your Eternal fate.”

They challenged Vishnu, in a great fight

Vishnu-- Maya, killed them on his thighs,

Not was water there, only was space with demonic cries


I say with compassion and Divine proclamation:

" Take me verily, I am that Vishnu-Maya- Mahakali

I am Maha Lakshmi killing Mahishasura,as being Rudrani

To justify demons assasination for upholding Dharma

I kill the demons --' Chanda and Munda',

I Killed Rakta Bija the malignant Asura

slowed down the growth of 'Shumbha and Nishumbha'

Vishnu, Brahma and Indra could not defeat Mahishasura.

I became visible to other gods and to Indra .

Committed to help the Divine beings with the name of Nava--Durga

I am thus revered as Devi Brahmacharini,

I play the role of Devi Chadra-- Ghanta ...,

Making the universe see the Shiva Tandava,

who also revealed fourteen ' Maheshvara Sutra'

I bring luminosity around the globe.

It is just a twinkle of my eye and an itching in my ear lobe

To keep Nine planets in cyclic motion,for scients to probe.

Brihaspati is my intellect, Shukra is my ego.

I am the Eternal Seed and destroying every foe

I am found in all and in One

I teach the Mahavakya--“Aham Brahmasmi, Tat Tvam Asi”

I am revered as Devi Kushmanda, I am also Saraswati,

The Mother of the Agamic -aesthtics and of the four Vedas .

I have to save the authenticity and Mantrik vision of the Vedas .

I adore the Agamas , I sing the songs in the Purana

Alone am I fashioned in Tantra-Mantra –Yantra,

For I am 'Skanda Mata' of Kumar Kartikeya.

I again am revealing through the Brahma's Kaala Ratri,

I crush the jealousy of the Gods, snatching their prosperity

Guiding them to the path of pure divinity,

They know not how to honor Urvashi and Menaka

I'm the Eternal Usha of the Rigvedic Devi-- Sukta

I took birth to fulfill the dream of the Rishi Kashyapa

Satisar is verily,the abode of Devi Vitasta

I was born as the daughter of the Himalaya revered as Parvati

For certain, I manifested as the Maha-Gauri

I am stronger than reason and am present in the intuition

For I am omnipresent in Devi's perfection.

Adore with "Hriim-Kliim Mantra" for the cosmic view

This universe is but a miniscule drop of dew,

Yogis play within Self as Devi Siddhi Dhatri

I again and again am born as Nava Durga-- Mahishasura Mardini

Some praise with the words of prescribed Puja

Some seek me in the Kalpa Taru -- Varda Lakshmi,

Worship me for peace,progress and prosperity.

Some adore me to arouse Kundalini.

But I lift the devotee , who loves me joyfully,

Lifting his conscience in my eternal light.

Eventually,put myself in devotion like Jagat-- Janani--- Bhavani ,

Abiding in every tissue, nerve, vein and cell

I am Durga -- Mother of the brave, but for the honest one,

Feeding all without any discrimination.

Some adore me with Thouand Names of Bhagawati's revelation

Some worship me with Seven hundred celestial Names.

But I am only Nine Syllabled One

Call me Durga, the Mother of vibration

*Dr. Chaman Lal Raina
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WE would like to hve the Hindi transcreation of the wonderful poem,so that the contents could reach to the Hindi knowing people. A awonderful analysis in poem. Prof AK Raina
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