History of Kas'mira (Kashmir)

History of Kas'mira (Kashmir)
Aryan Roots, Immigration to Kas’mira, Naga’s, Evolution, Rulers,
Religious Beliefs/Era’s/Worship and Goddesses of Kas’mira

Author: Brigadier {Retd} Rattan Kaul
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359pp {Coloured 16pp}.
72 Rare Photographs including 32 Coloured Photographs.
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This book on Kashmir titled History of Kas\'mira (Kashmir) is a ten years research and writing effort, which covers many facets of Kas\'mira (Kashmir) Aryans, Naga\'s, Evolution, Rulers from Ancient times, Religious Beliefs/Worship, Religious Era\'s, Aberrations in Kalhan\'s Rajatarangiri and Goddesses of Kas\'mira (Kashmir). The contents are all that what we must know about Kas\'mira; triumphs, travails, origins and various facets of history Brigadier Kaul was the one to bring, for the first time, latest photograph of more than 1000 years old Sharda Temple in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and share it with Goddess Sharda\'s worshippers in India.These are not the triumphs and travails of Aryan Saraswat Brahmins of Kash'mira {Kashmir}, commonly referred to as Bhatta or now Kashmiri Pandit, but transition of Aryan Saraswat community as a whole through millenniums of religious philosophies, search of identity, Gotra orientation, honorific's; Bhatta and Pandit and selective surnames.

This medium intends to remind of Aryan roots, genesis of specific names and surnames, honorific, with details, to give insight of that era, before these pass into oblivion. Not much is known correctly about the rulers of Kas\'mira except what has been mentioned in Kalhan\'s Rajatarangini, which in any case covers period upto 1150 AD only. Though there have been some other chronicles, most of them except that of Jonaraja fell short of expectations. Even both these did not cover our origins, roots, settlements, religious beliefs, transition during the second millennium.

Rulers are responsible for shaping the destiny of their subjects, the book covers this aspect and analyses their effort in shaping Kas\'mira. A composite compendium of all what we should know of Kas\'mira over the last over five millenniums, including events that shaped life in the beautiful valley of Sage Kashyap, land of Vitasta River and what Kalhan mentioned: “There even to this day drops of sandal ointment offered by the Gods are to be seen at Nandikshetra, the residence of Shiva.”

Contents {Ten Chapters}
Foreword, Preface, Contents, Aryans – Immigration To Kas’mira; Kas’mira in Nilmat Puranam; Ancient, Hindu Rule and Advent Of Islam; Moghul, Afghan and Sikh Rule; Dogra Rule {1846- 1949}; Religious Worship Era’s; Goddess Bhadrakali Worship; Manifestation of Kul Devi’s; Goddess Sharda; Era Aberrations in Kalhan’s Rajatarngini; Acknowledgements and Index.
About the Author
Brigadier Rattan Kaul was born in Srinagar and had his schooling there. He joined Army and was commissioned in 4/5 Gorkha Rifles (Frontier Force) and took part in 1965 and 1971 War. During Bangladesh War 1971, he was seriously injured in the Battle of Sylhet. In 1974 he was amongst top ten officers (Competitive Vacancy) to be selected for Staff College at Wellington. He was promoted to Brigadiers Rank in 1993. He has been commended during his Army Service by Army Chief. After his retirement he stepped into Industry and served as Vice President, Birla\'s. An HRD, Management and Defence Analyst, he has many books on military history and plethora of articles on History, Defence Concepts and Kashmir Centric papers to his credit.

Hari Parbat Fort, Srinagar, Picture courtesy: Rohit Kaul - June 2012
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