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While seeking contributions for our “Spirit of Youth“ section in January, we received an email titled “My Brother’s Bravado” from a young lady, Meghna Tiku. The content of the email was brief but it beautifully conveyed the sense of happiness and pride that a sister had for her brother’s achievement as a musician (rockstar) . Through this email, the team at Shehjar was thrilled to gain access to a recognized talent in our community ,“Archis Tiku“, base guitarist for the Newcastle-English Indie band “Maximo Park”. We specially thank Meghna Tiku for sharing her brother’s achievement with us, fellow community members. The team at Shehjar is pleased to present the readers with an interview of Archis Tiku and his family. We would like to thank Archis and his family for being very co-operative throughout the interview.
“Archis Tiku” was born in Mumbai and migrated to England with his parents, Mr. Ram Tiku and Mrs. Aparna Tiku when he was a year old. He was passionate about guitar since the age of six and dreamed of being a rock star since then. He is qualified as a medical doctor from the prestigious university in England and soon after his graduation, his band Maximo Park was signed by Warp Record Label. The band has released two albums Certain trigger and Earthly pleasures and is recording their third album this year. They have sold nearly a million albums all over the world. The band has played with the famous group Rolling Stones in Norway and Sweden, with Killers in Washington and Wisconsin and at around 120 gigs all over the world, including at many festivals.

This interview was deemed necessary, not just for presenting a special talent within our community but also to set a spark of inspiration in our aspiring musicians. People dream and carry passion for a reason; it is to experience an ecstatic sense of happiness and fulfillment. We hope that the commitment of Archis and his family towards his passion- music will inspire parents to encourage their children towards arts or any other field that they choose to excel in.
Archis Tiku’s accomplishment is truly a matter of pride for the community.
 Archis's interview

1. Archis, please let us know your inspiration behind being a musician and starting Maximo Park Band?
I grew up listening to all kinds of music ranging from Indian film and classical to indie-rock on the radio. I learnt guitar from a friend at 6th form college and was asked to join a band on starting university. That is when I met Duncan the guitarist and a few years later we formed Maximo Park.


2. Please tell us your family's role in building you up as an individual and as a musician?
My family was very supportive from the beginning and they had a wide variety of music tastes which opened my mind to possibilities in music. Home life was fun with lots of family get-togethers and great food. We also enjoyed great holidays to places such as France, India and USA.

3. What is Maximo Park Band all about and what is your role in the band
I am the bass guitarist in the band. Maximo Park as a band is about democracy and the freedom to write and create music in any style.

4. Please tell us something about your band members?
There are five people in the band:
Tom English- drums
Paul Smith- singer
Lukas Wooller- keyboard
Duncan Lloyd- guitarist and myself on bass guitar.

5. What were the initial stages of the band like and what were the challenges that you faced from the inception phase till now?
Initially in our careers we played a lot in our home town of Newcastle. We played as a support band and we also did several tours across the UK of small venues whilst staying in budget hotels. It took a while for us to progress but that period improved our ability to play and perform. Looking back we worked hard but it felt easy at the time.


6. You have a demanding job that requires extensive travel. What makes you maintain a proper balance between your work, social activities and family members?
I am close to my family and see them whenever we are free. I have a good group of close friends whom I have known for a long time. That stability keeps life in perspective and keeps me grounded.


7. You are qualified as a doctor, so how do you explain this transition from a doctor to a musician (rock star) and what do you associate yourself more with a doctor or a musician (rock star)?
I would say that I associate more with being a musician. There was no real transition between medicine and music as I was doing both hand in hand throughout university. I had always hoped for success in music so when the time came to put medicine on the shelf the decision was easy.

8. At a personal level how will you describe yourself, your hobbies and how do you spend your leisure time?
I am quite laid-back and in my spare time I like to play football, go to gigs, see friends and go out to eat.


9. Which musicians are your inspirations?
The musicians and bands that inspire me include: Led Zepellin, Crosby Stills and Nash, the Byrds, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, the Go-Betweens, the Strokes, Bob Dylan and Indian classical musicians such as Bhimsen Joshi, Zakir Hussain and Ravi Shankar.

10. Please let us know about your past and recent albums.

 Our first album A Certain Trigger had an edgy new wave feel and our second most recent album Our Earthly Pleasures was more of an alternative rock album. We are writing new material at the moment for the third record so there is only a scattering of gigs lined up.

11. Tell us about your past, recent events, upcoming performances and future plans of Maximo Park Band?
We will be going to Australia for a week in March to do a festival and a few gigs and during the summer we will play at festivals around Europe including Summercase (Barcelona), Hurricane (Germany) and V (UK).

12. Any special message for the youth worldwide.
My advice to anyone who has musical ambitions is to believe in yourself and try and try again till you reach your goal. Also make your musical dreams a reality.

13. Links for the band website...
There is a maximopark my space and is the webpage.

Archis proud sister , Meghna and parents Mr. Ram Tiku and Mrs. Aparna Tiku
This is what family speaks about Archis

Please tell us about your family?
Well, my wife and I were born and brought up in India (Mumbai and Srinagar respectively) and moved to the UK in the 1980s. We both work in the medical profession. We have two children Archis, the eldest, was born in India and Meghna who was born here. As you know, Archis is the bass guitarist in Maximo Park and Meghna is a trainee solicitor. The remainder of our family still resides in India, predominantly in Mumbai. We are quite a close knit family so go back to India regularly.

What was Archis like when he was young and when did you notice that a star was born in your house?
Archis was a great kid. I can't say there was a point where we actually noticed that a star was born in our house! Archis was a genuine all-rounder in the sense that he was very academic (he has qualified as a doctor prior to pursuing a career in music) and had many interests therefore we just regarded his passion and interest in music as one of them. It was probably only when he went to university that we realized that music was so important to him and he possibly regarded it as more than just a hobby and intended to pursue it as a career.

Mr. and Mrs Tiku, how would you describe Archis as your son?
Very easy going , loving and friendly.Always full of surprises !

Meghna, how would you describe Archis as your brother?
Without wanting to sound completely cliched (as well as the fact that Archis will hate me bragging about him!), Archis is an amazing brother. He is very supportive and caring not to mention inspiring. We had our fair share of sibling bickering especially whilst we were growing up and could drive each other insane at times but all in all having him as a brother has been great and really special. He is one of my best friends. I really trust his judgment and value his opinion.

Please tell us how do you all feel about Archis’s achievements
Initially, I think we were a little apprehensive, as we knew very little about the music industry. Then when Maximo Park started taking off we moved into a state of shock and it just didn't really seem real. Now, naturally, we feel immensely proud and happy for him.

Any message that you would like to give to the parents/siblings who have children/siblings inclined towards music?
Allow your children to explore their interest in music or any particular passion they may have and help them to explore their interests. This exploration does not have to be at the expense of their education and can occur alongside it. It may mean more work and perhaps stress as parents but it is worth the extra effort.

Archis's success in music has made us realize that success can reveal itself in many different incarnations and ultimately we must support our children/siblings in whatever they want to do in so far as it does not put them in danger.

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