Tscho'chi vor / small rice bread

Tscho'chi vor/ Small rice bread

by ChandraMukhi Ganju
Tscho'chi vor / small rice bread

Serving size: 4 people

Religious and cultural importance:
Traditionally small rice bread is made on the day of Shivaratri for puja and three days after Shivaratri till Amavas. Tschochi vor/ small size rice flour bread is made and offered in puja. Tschochi vor is also made for shraad puja .


1½ cup of rice flour/to’mul oat available at Chinese and Indian stores


Dan's Chocolates ... and flowers too!


Take rice flour in a bowl and add salt to it.

Add little by little water and knead till you get soft dough.

Make small 3-4 balls of dough.

Heat flat pan on stove.

Pat some dry flour on your hand.

Make small round bread with your hands.

Put on hot flat pan on stove and bake bread on tawa/pan both sides

Tscho'chi vor is ready.

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