Women of our Valley

"Woman of our Valley"

Sushma Bhan
Lalita Kaul
Anu Wakhlu
Anjana Tikku
Neerja Pandit

As a member of a dynamic society, we see a woman in gamut of personalities collectively or independently as a daughter, sister, wife, colleague, and mother and in every role she makes a considerable attempt to exemplify.

While embarking on a professional journey to follow her passion, she takes on a larger responsibility on her shoulders of maintaining an equitable penchant by keeping a perfect balance between work and family. She strives to provide economic and emotional support while juggling gracefully between the two crucial responsibilities of her life, domestic chores and professional pressures. Undeniably her efforts are commendable and entitles her as an epitome of intrepidity and balance. She is a great influence who endeavors effortlessly to uplift the spirit of her family and is a key figure in fortifying the future generation.

We are pleased to present readers with interview of such remarkable women like Anu Wakhlu, Anjana Tikku, Sushma Bhan, Lalita Kaul, and Neerja Pandit of our community from diverse professions, who along with having a fulfilling career, strives to maintain a perfect balance between work and family.

Highlighting the achievements of some of our community women also pays respect to the immense capacity of a woman and salutes her for the difference she makes in every individual lives....

Bhumika Raina
To be continued...

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