Ashoke Pandit Speaks

Ashoke Pandit Speaks
on future of KP's and their organizations

Let us analyze the present situation. All our so called leaders have deceived the community. The organization no more held any importance for them...the cause was sidelined while their sole worry was the growth of their reputation in the media at the cost of sidelining the bigger cause and concern. The worst came when there was a flood of floating organizations for the fulfillment of their personal agendas. Thus organizations after organizations were floated and are still born everyday. It takes only one letter head to form an organization. People therefore have lost faith in the word Organization or association..This is one aspect of it.

Another aspect is; If Hundreds of People can flock to Havans and marriages and then why not such demonstrations? We have made duplicate Hari Parbat, Kheer Bhawani, Ashrams, Bhavans all over the country so the need to return is dead as it is. Someone rightly said: "Our community has become a community of 'Havans and Bhavans'". We in the name of culture run away from the realities. Culture can only be saved by showing solidarity in the protest against the Yasin Maliks of the world... to stand for the passion to return and the passion to sacrifice to fuel the fire within us.

To Save our culture we don't need debunked organizations and leaders who are passing their time after their retirement. To save our culture we don't need leaders who fight amongst each other to enter Rajya Saba or Look Saba.

Instead of blaming Yasin Malik let us start learning from him as to how has he marketed himself. Why is it that the media will call him and not a Kashmiri Pandit? Let us accept the fact that the problem lies within us and not the enemy.There is enemy within us and not outside. Let us kill that enemy first and then think of outsiders. A community who does not think twice before spending lacs in a wedding cannot be termed as a refugee. Let us not make mockery of the traumatic issue... this kind of flamboyancy cannot identify with the cause of refugees because they no longer would want to attach themselves with the cause of their motherland. Today very few amongst us identify and are, still trying to keep the flame burning but the liquor flowing in these weddings will not allow this flame to burn for long.

The real refugees, who are now in minority are not at all discussed by the community. A community which considers Gurujis as outcast cannot be expected to stand by you.There is a total degeneration and the total facade of so called Intelligent Kashmiri Pandit is exposed. The intelligentsia is only involved in the drawing room activism. Let me tell you; a Gujrati, a Punjabi, a Maharashtrian, a UPite, a Bihari, a South Indian, and a Bengali will identify with your problem more than a Kashmiri Pandit.

First, we need to identify the battle we need to fight. Whether we need to wage a war is another question, because the people for whom we are fighting don't seem to feel the need of it. So we need identify it first as to for whom, and for what are we fighting for? If the community feels the need to continue this battle, they need to come out and sweat and bleed, rather than confining their valued opinions to bathroom thinking and drawing room discussion and on e-mails! It was an arduous task for me to keep this issue alive in Maharashtra. I had to knock on every possible doors of power and opinion... this feat was not achieved by starting and finishing organizations and by suffering a feat of verbal diarrhea.

All of us have sacrificed our Youth for the community at the cost of our career barring our leaders in Jammu who kept on getting their salaries from their cushioned government jobs...and the cause became a pawn for the venting out of their frustrations for their so called creative and political motives. 19 years in a struggle and not one figures in the glitterati of politics and social circles. Do we have any opinion maker who is respected in the country.? If we could not do this in these 19 yrs of exodus, then let us accept our defeat? All we have achieved in this struggle is a mastery in the crab mentality of pulling down the one who tries to rise above and go beyond to do something different. The fertile ground for breeding of this mentality is again our Havans and Bhawans. One definitely has hopes in Roots In Kashmir, with the style they adopted. This generation iidentitifies
with you and will definitely be with you soon. Let us not loose heart...
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Dear Ashok Ji, Namaskar. I deeply appreciate what you have been doing for the community, be it through Movies like Sheen or documentories like "And the world remained silent".I must say that you really are one of the guiding star and heroes of our community. Kindly let me if you have any more ideas how we can contribute more to our community.I am based in Mumbai. Kind regards SUNIL BHAT
Added By Sunil Bhat
Namaskar Mahrah - I read ur guniune anger and love for community. U have portrayed problem & now how about the solution. I thought a lot little about it. If 100 people give 100 solutions to the list of problem, it may turn one solution will stand good. Not sure if is possible that our leaders can spend 30 minutes in these Havans and Bhavans to energize by providing direction to the community. I think we lack leadership and lot of people may not agree with me. rgds, vinod ( Illinios USA)
Added By vinod pandita