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Samved Dhar (10 years)

Soccer is not just a game of fun. It is a regime of tough exercise and playing skills. It is a game of top intelligence and dynamic strategy. This is a game in which the team has to work very hard.

Eleven players have to play on each side from two teams. The formations can vary as needed by the coach. We can set these formations of the players in the field as per needs but these formations cannot exceed eleven players from each side. The goalie is placed in the goal post to protect the goal. He is supported by a line of defenders. In front of the defenders there is a line of midfielders and further ahead is a line of forwards on the left and right sides of the field.

Your team has to play in the spirit of a game. Teams really work hard to get on the top of the table and stay there. The Team has to select a competent coach and a capable captain to lead. The players have to follow the instructions of the coach. Players have to be selected depending on their energy and stamina. A player with less energy cannot play soccer because he has to run from one part of the field to another with full zest. In soccer we need to have superb coordination in the field. You need to practice fast running, accurate passing and forceful kicking of the ball. A soccer player has to play two roles.1) To work with the team with intimate coordination. 2) To have the ability to score individual goals. Soccer should be played with a proper kit.

A player has to play in unison with other teammates. The player has to follow strict discipline in the field and respect and support the playing of other team members. A player has to develop his stamina with proper diet exercise, practice and rest. The player has to hone his skills by building his body following good practices. The player has to be punctual for exercise and training in the field. He has to develop his intelligence for dribbling and dodging with the ball.

One has to play soccer as a sportsman. One should own success and accept defeat with grace. One should play fair and not foul, come what may. One should be polite in the field. We should be friendly with our opponents and exchange greetings with them after the finish of the playing session.

Soccer is my craze. I do not feel comfortable without practice and lose sense of time when I play. I love to win my matches. I can play in different positions in the field. I play for my School and would like to captain my school team. Though we get chances by rotation, I have already participated in three tournaments for my School.

In conclusion, Soccer is a game of skill, agility, aggression and concentration in which discipline, dedication and devotion play their part. And I advise everybody to play.
The author is 10 years old and is the son of Dr. Sushil Dhar and Simy Dhar. He studies at St. Columbus School in Delhi, India. He likes dancing and sports other than soccer also. He can cook Kasmiri delicacies. He has travelled with his parents to Ukraine, Germany and America.
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