Birthday of river Vitasta

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From Delhi, September 13, 2008
KP's celebrate Veth-Turvah - birthday of river Vitasta
by shehjar correspondent

Vyath-Vatur, the source of River Jehlum in Verinag, Kashmir
Kashmiri Pandits who are mostly from Verinag area of Kashmir and now putting up at Rohini Delhi after migration celebrated the birthday of river vitasta (Jhelum) by participating in a get together at Sector 9 of Rohini in Delhi and did the 'Vyeth Truvaha' pooja.

The holy Vitasta is the source of river in Kashmir valley, Vitasta, is also called as Jehlum. It is located about one km from the famous Verinag spring in Anantnag district of kashmir valley also called as the Nile of Kashmir.

It is this river Jhelum which travels a distance of hundereds of miles through Kashmir, before it meets the sea . The vitasta is mentioned in the Nilamata Purana and finds mention in the Mahabharata also.

“The Hindus believe the holy twin springs at Vitasta to be the virgin roopa (kumari roopa) of mata parvati and the Hindus also believe that the Parvati after her marriage to lord shiva came in the form of a water sprout at Verinag which is at one kilometer distance from the Veth-Vitru springs,” said known scholar and advocate, Sh.Badri Nath Pandita ,who orginally belongs to the village Chinigund -Verinag and now Jammu.

Advocate B.N.Pandita has also asked for a high level probe into the whole misusing of the Vitasta and Omoh properties so that the same are recovered from those who have grabbed the same it with the help of anti socials who have no dharma or conscience to make use of it and for whom dharma is just away to pocket whatever they can.

Rockey Pandita a known social activist recalled the last year 25th September, when first time after migration Pandits particularly from the Dooru –Verinag area celebrated the birthday of river Vitasta at its original place village Veth Vetru and which was attended by large number of Kashmiri Pandits from Jammu and Delhi .

On this occasion the APMCC chief Vinod Pandits has appealed to all Kashmiri Pandit community throughout the globe to come forward and be united for their religious,social and political rights.. Amongst others the Pooja was attended Rockey Pandita a known social activist and Sumeer Chrangoo ex-Rohini president, Sanjay Raina and Vijay Raina
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