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"The Braves Arise "

*Sagar Tikoo
As the first lamps glow,
With a gleaming firelight,
So repeats the saga,
A memory of a night.

When the great God returns
And the World rejoices
A great crowd is cheering.
Bliss fills their voices.

For this is the day when light
Shines with unending power.
This is the day when reverence is shown
In every grain and flower.

This is the time when the moon hides
Under a veil of clouds.
But the lamps light up the world
And escape the darkening shrouds.

And so is the ultimate truth of life
For darkness clouds our mentality.
But when we sizzle the lamps of good thought,
The world lights up in glee.

This is the time
When the sky is pure and blue
This is the time when the world
Is cleansed anew.

This is the time
When the land is rid of sin
This is the time
When the World is quick to grin.

This is the time
When everyone is bursting with pleasure
This is the time
When every poor man enjoys some leisure.

This is a time when fireworks
Light up the evening sky
This is a time when there
Is only happiness and joy.

This is the time
When nothing is ill fated
This is the time
When everything makes you elated.

This is the time when confidence
Fills every heart
This is the time when the God
Allows a fresh, new start.

This is the time when everything
Looks bright
For this is Diwali,
The festival of lights

*Sagar Tikoo has written quite a few short poems, but it is the fantasy fiction that he is very passionate about. He has written a series of short story books (he calls them sequels) in that genre. Sagar is also an avid reader, and is blessed with a very good sense for music.

Sagar is studying in 6th grade, and he penned this poem last year when he was in 5th grade.
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Congrats Sagar. Keep it up. Poem is not good but the best.
Added By Chander M. Bhat