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From Jammu, India, October 3, 2008
Panun Kashmir to organise

anun Kashmir is going to organise 3rd World Kashmiri Pandit conference at Jammu in a bid to emphasise their demand of homeland. Following is the press release.

Dear all,
19th January 2009 will witness the commencement of twentieth year of displacement of Kashmiri Pandits. A whole generation of Kashmiri Pandits has now grown away from the land of their forefathers and a whole generation is in the process of vanishing while mourning the loss of their mooring. It goes, without any doubts, Kashmiri Pandits of either generation are longing for going back to their cultural roots in the lost homeland.

Panun Kashmir has been at the forefront of the back to home movement of displaced Pandits. During last eighteen years Panun Kashmir has actively propagated the creation of a separate homeland for the displaced persons through diplomatic, political and socio-cultural platforms. The holding of massive World Conferences, seminars, mass contact programmes, culturalevents, yatras, protests , demonstrations ,court arrests and press conferences etc. have been part of the global campaign launched by Panun Kashmir in its endeavor of getting justice to the beleaguered community.

Panun Kashmir, through historic 1st World Kashmiri Pandit Conference brought the displacement of Kashmiri Pandits to the centre stage. 1st WKPC also warned the global consciousness about the implications of unchecked militarized Islamic fundamentalism in Kashmir. Ironically, Panun Kashmir's warning about the happenings in Kashmir being just a testing ground for an eventual global operation was largely ignored. Sadly, the world is now witnessing what Panun Kashmir had predicted 16 years back. Panun Kashmir feels time has once again come for reiterating our fears and apprehensions about the implications of rising religious terrorism. It is keeping this in view Panun Kashmir has decided to hold 3rd World Kashmiri Pandit Conference in Jammu on 18th and 19th January 2009.

3rd World Kashmiri Pandit Conference will seek to achieve the following objectives,

  • To bring focus on terrorism as a serious threat to national unity
    and integration. Its dimensions and how it affects us.
  • To lay a firm roadmap for the future of Kashmiri Pandits and how
    Panun Kashmir will spearhead various initiatives.
  • To educate the society about the economic viability of Panun Kashmir. The role of its entrepreneurship, technocrats and a large pool of community's bourgeoning professionals in creating and sustaining
    economically dependable infrastructural model in Panun Kashmir.
  • To involve eminent social scientists, intellectuals and other members of Kashmiri Pandit civil society in formulating and implementing the strategies for fighting the looming threats to our existence. Also to concretize the ideas regarding survival of Kashmiri Pandits as a distinct
    religo-ethnic entity.
  • To leverage the advantages visible in the post Amarnath Sangarsh and converting that into a collaboration of rejuvenated nationalist forces for realizing the geo-political aspirations of displaced Kashmiri Pandits.
  • To provide a international platform to people of Jammu and Ladakhfor articulating their views and reaching a synergy of action between all other oppressed sections of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • To provide opportunity to massive Saraswat Brahmin community to re-forge and renew their time immemorial ties with their original homeland.
  • To create a conducive atmosphere for forging lasting inter-organizationa l unity among Kashmiri Pandits while appreciating the role of all those individuals and groups based both in India and abroad who in past engaged themselves in such endeavors.
  • To confer the most prestigious community award Sharda Samman on distinguished individuals/ institutions as a token of community's appreciation of their contribution to Kashmiri Pandit cause in exile.

You will appreciate Panun Kashmir has undertaken to accomplish a mammoth task, which can't be accomplished without the support and cooperation of all sections of our community. We firmly believe the successful culmination of 3rd World Kashmiri Pandit Conference will once again bring the displaced community to the center stage of country's political thought process. It will also reiterate our commitment and resolve to remain restless till the logical achievement of a desired dispensation in our lost homeland.

On behalf of Dr Agnishekhar, convener Panun Kashmir and 3rd World Kashmiri Pandit Conference organizing committee I take this opportunity to request you for your active support and cooperation for making this historical event a huge success.

I, hereby, also extend you a formal invitation to become a part the history in making by attending the programme with your family members. We shall be announcing the registration modalities and details about our international coordinators soon to facilitate your convenient participation.

We shall now be looking forward to your good wishes and blessings for making 3rd World Kashmiri Pandit Conference a huge success.

Daya Krishan Kaul,
Chief Cordinator, 3rd World Kashmiri Pandit Conference. Jammu

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We wish you best of luck for this 3rd World Kashmiri Pandit Conference. We will do our best to attend.
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