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Ratan P Watal is a senior IAS government officer who has served in Andhra Pradesh, New Delhi and Abroad. He is currently the Director General of the Sports Authority of India.

Horoscopes April 2014

Read what this month has in store for you from our world famous Astrologer. more

Schools-are they too competitive?

Schools - are they becoming too competitive day by day? Are they focusing more on numerical scores and quantitative grades than developing a child into a fully-functional individual? more

DURGA -The Divine Mother

Vishnu and Shiva are my creative expressions, These are just the glimpses of my Primal thought and visions I bring light on the canvas of humanity. more

The Talking Dog

Once upon a time there lived a famous dog. more

Kashmiri Recipe Dranna

Left over tschochi vor from prashad is used for making dranna. Usually drannas are made on the day of Teela Aattuam/first Ashatmai after Shivaratri. more

Kashir Gaadh - Fish

Fish is an important Kashmiri delicacy also cooked on festivals like 'Gaada Bata' in the month of December, 'Shivaratri,' 'Khechi Amavasi' and also on cultural ... more

Kashmiri Song-Moykhan Manj Moy

Kashmiri Song: Moykhan Manj Moy Chomuy more

Kashmiri Dance/Song

You MUST SEE this beautiful dance and listen to this song Malal' Travith, by melodies Lovely Chandra Raina. more

Kashmir- Photo Gallery

Nostalgic images from Kashmir more

Forgotten Temples of Kashmir Part - 20

The Nagbal temple is in the eastern corner of the Anantnag town, placed adjacent to a spring. There are long shady Chinar trees that stand sentinel round the tank. more

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Because of its communal and divisive component the monster of “Vote Bank Politics” sucked off their capacity to rule rationally therefore, forcing them to mortgage their political conscience to the agents of the India’s former colonial masters and Muslim plunderers. more

Shivratri 2014 - Miami Style!

As the new members met and mingled with the others, the evening soon proceeded to the cultural show in which all the members of the community participated and performed more

KHF delegation meets Narendra Modi

Many people see Mr. Narendra Modi with a hope for 'The Future of Modern India' more