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Ratan P Watal is a senior IAS government officer who has served in Andhra Pradesh, New Delhi and Abroad. He is currently the Director General of the Sports Authority of India.

To Poetess

The star; in the distant sky, The star, that her eyes can locate On the night's poetic canvas; more

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated on the birthday of Lord Ganesh (Ganesha), the god of wisdom and prosperity on the fourth day of the moons bright fortnight, or period from new moon in the lunar month of Bhadrapada. more


I find it unconvincing to believe that a university of national repute has roads that leave people in sheer disgust. more

First death anniversary

Just as a person casts off worn out garments and puts on others that are new, even so, the embodies soul casts off worn out bodies and takes on others that are new. more

Shashi Shakher - A Tribute

My birth and activities are divine. He who knows this in reality is not reborn on leaving his body, but comes to Me. Bhagavad Gita. Chapter 4, Verse 9 more

How to make Homemade Paneer

Homemade Paneer Recipe more

The velvet touch - Deepali Wattal

Dim your lights and light some candles and listen to a hauntingly smooth voice that can melt even the coldest of hearts. more

KP Cruise Overview Part-1

Video KP Cruise Overview Part-1, Introductions more

Forgotten Temples of Kashmir


Kashmir- Photo Gallery

Nostalgic images from Kashmir more

Shehjar Panchang 2015

Panchang by Vijayeshwer Jyotshi Karalaya and Shehjar more

Shehjar Muhurat 2015

Muhurat by Vijayeshwer Jyotshi Karalaya and Shehjar more

Payments to Shehjar - Google Checkout
Koshur Saal

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Book Sharika Parbat Hari Parbat

PRAKASH- a cultural initiative by Panun Kashmir, released the book “Sharika Parbat Hari Parbat- more

Anupam Kher recognised by State legislature

California legislature recognition for veteran Kashmiri actor Anupam Kher more