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Ratan P Watal is a senior IAS government officer who has served in Andhra Pradesh, New Delhi and Abroad. He is currently the Director General of the Sports Authority of India.

Horoscopes May 2015

Horoscope predictions and Indian astrology forecasts from our world famous Astrologer. more


Kashmir basically was a submerged place thus a water body. Over the span of centuries, it was steadily transformed into a living in-habitation and thus began a meager existence. more

Science- Truth or an ideology

So science today is in dilemma. It calls religious assertions bereft of proof yet acknowledges that its assertions are probabilistic. more

A day at old age home

He told us that he was unmarried, that is why he was there! Proving my imagination, he almost cleared all the hidden doubts with his answe more

How to make Homemade Paneer

Homemade Paneer Recipe more

Kashmir - Vintage Images and Paintings

Video Presentation of Images by Pandit Vishi Nath Kampasi & Paintings by Pandit SatLal Kampasi more

Bedard Dade Chane

Popular Kashmiri Song: Bedard Dade Chane by Kailash Mehra Sadhu more

Kashmiri Hindu Heritage Day

Photo Feature more

Sāmarasya (Harmony)

Bliss is a very important characteristic of sāmarasya. The bliss he enjoys is not new, but only the original quality of the pure soul. It is a state of mind, which is free from all kinds of sufferings. more

Shehjar Panchang 2015

Panchang by Vijayeshwer Jyotshi Karalaya and Shehjar more

Shehjar Muhurat 2015

Muhurat by Vijayeshwer Jyotshi Karalaya and Shehjar more

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Koshur Saal

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Homeland only solution

Homeland only solution for Kashmiri Hindus more

Online exhibition platform

The whole concept of eproexpo revolves to the fact to add more value towards exhibition and allow exhibitors benefit of exhibition at low cost. more

Kashmiri Hindu Heritage Day celebrates Kashmir

Kashmiri Community, jointly with "Preserve Our Heritage" and Kashmir Hindu Foundation, celebrated the third anniversary of their annual event,"Kashmiri Hindu Heritage Day".An event, to honor the rich Kashmiri Hindu Culture, was held on March 28th, 2015 more