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Ratan P Watal is a senior IAS government officer who has served in Andhra Pradesh, New Delhi and Abroad. He is currently the Director General of the Sports Authority of India.

Horoscopes July 2014

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Price of a Lamb

How can you take this lamb, madam? Do you Battas have a heart? Do you possess any knowledge about rearing cattle? It is still a baby sucking at its mother's teats more


Bocha-Hot- A poem in Kashmiri more


And you will be my beloved, Nothing but death shall part. more

Recipe Tamatar Wangun

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Veri Masala - Kashmiri Spicy Cake

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Rahon me Pada Patthar

Hindi Song: Main To Rahon me Pada Patthar Hoon more

Kailash Mehra Sadhu - Live

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Images from Kashmir

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Kashmir- Photo Gallery

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Rehabilitation and Return of the displaced Hindus

The Hindus of Kashmir are aboriginal Kashmiris and have inalienable right to live and thrive in Kashmir. more


The most important, crucial and extremely consequential proposal put forth by the resolution adopted by the participants in the RTC relates to the creation of a centrally administered Union Territory in the valley which is governed under the provisions of the Indian Constitution and has its own administrative paraphernalia outside the domain of the present Islamic regime. more


My grandmother, well clad in her traditional dress and attire, looked at the un-ending dangling roads, eyes teemed with saline tears; trickling down her face, like an Iceberg ... more

Emmy Award nomination for Arti Nehru

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