Kashmir- India's Umbilical Cord

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Kashmir- India’s Umbilical Cord
Milpitas, CA (USA) September 15, 2018

To commemorate the 28th year in exile for Kashmiri Hindus Kashmir Hindu Foundation (KHF) organized a discourse titled Kashmir- India’s Umbilical Cord by Sh Sushil Pandit at India Community center, Milpitas, California on Saturday, September 15, 2018.

Due to the tremendous response the event received, registration for the event was closed days ahead of the event.

Sushil Pandit spoke for close to four hours about Kashmir’s rich history of 3000 years and the heart wrenching stories of our exodus which brought tears to members of the audience whose loved ones were killed by the Jehadis. He later took questions from the audience that included few Kashmiri Muslims who found history of Kashmir enlightening.

He kept the house full audience glued to their seats for the entire duration. One attendee Srinivas Murthy commented on his Facebook group -“ He spoke for four hours without looking at any notes or TelePrompter and every word he uttered was something I never knew about or barely knew.”

The sentiment was echoed by several members of the exiled community as well.

Savita Gobbur remarked that this was first time any Kashmiri Hindu organization had arranged an event to educate wider Indian diaspora in US about its plight and stressed the need to have more such events.

Amrita Raina commented " It was so enlightening to hear about our rich history and our contibutions to Indian Society. I left with lot of positivity and hope that one day we will get back to our homeland with dignity"

On the occasion KHF presented Harmukh Award of Excellence to Sh. Sushil Pandit to recognize his commitment to reinforce the resiliency of Kashmiri Pandits.

Great to have such community initiatives to keep the light burning.
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