An adoration to Shri Sharika

My obeisance to the Bhagawati Vindya Vasini, who is also revered as thr ‘Kailasa Vasini’. She is the Shamasana Vasini making her abode in the crematoriums, where she is always roaring with the sound of Hum—a Bija Mantra of the Devi, whose echo is felt in the Kaala or serial Time and the Akasha or space, being the two Tattvas, as described in the Para-Pravesika. She is verily, the Katayani sixth in the line of the Navba Durgas,and revered as the daughter of the KatyayanaRsi, who would meditate in the Himalayan Mountain for receing grace from the Maha Shakti

She is the Mother of Kumar Kartikeya. The Mahadevi happens to be the sister of Govinda, adored as being born in the home of Nanda ---the chieftain of the cowherds.She is adored as the Kshiti Kanttha, adoring the white throat with the jewels. She is the Mother with the Eighteen arms, surrounded by the snakes, having the bracelets for decorating the arms. She can not be conquered, who is adored with sword, trident, damaru, mudgara, Chashkala, bow and arrow. Thus she graces with her ‘Vara and Abhaya’ mudras in her hands holding the Vedas, skull Khatwang, Gadaa, Moosula, Tomara Chakra—discus. She is the source of the All mercy, having supreme excellence in her workings. She is Chandika, Chandaghanta, dressed in the garb of a huntress.

She is the Shakti of Brahma, Rudra, Narayana. She is verily, the Brahmacarini. having the mastery and superiority over all the branches of knowledge. She is Mother of the Veda. She is the very being of the Gayatri, Savitri, Sarasvati, the source of all, whatever is manifest, known as te Jagat. Being the sovereign Supreme, the ruler of the universes, Devi is the cause of the creation of the universe, She is always in the meditating posture of Samadhi. She is all consciousness, the excellent and only jewel known as Chintamani. She is all alone, She is the Shakti of Siva. who does not need any support to exist.

She is without any attributes, without any injury, only She is adored and prostrated by Brahma, Visnu and Mahevara. She is Mohini and Toshini. She destroys the dreadful events and is bent upon annihilating the children of Diti, known as Daityas—Asuras. She is present in the time, she ptresides over Time, destroys the ‘Kaala’, the killer of the embodied souls,. She is Maha Shakti. She is present as Jwalaa Bhagawati. Verily, She is the Kaalaratri-darknight for the evil doers. O Sharika! You are Eternal, unborn always abosorbed in the Yoga, and being prostrated by the Yogis, who are very endearing to the devotees,You are of Motherly nature,and dear to the Suras—Devatas. You are Durga, who is not conquered by the mighty Asuras.You are the Hiranya garbha

You are always a compassionate Mother.

Dr. Chamanlal Raina
This Stuti is the translation of Shri Sharika,in Sanskrit prose,which is being recited at the Shri Chakreshwara Asthapanam at Shrinagar. The Yantrik painting is by Subhash Razdan. Its Sanskrit Stuti is published in the Shri Sharika Svahakar Nirupanam,authored and edited by myself.
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Shri Sharika is revered by the devotees,as having the Eighteen Arms,thus adored as Ashta DashaBuja Shyama Sundari.Pandit Krishan Joo Kar would recite: CHAKRESHVARAT HAJAT RAWA SAAZ-O-GADAA RA PADSHAH.WAH WAH CH LAKSHMI THAPNA SHRI SHARIKA DEVI NAMAH
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A very inspirational write up on Sharika. Can you please also write some historical facts about the Kali Temple in Kashmir near Fateh Kadal which was destroyed by Mughals and converted into a Mosque. There used to be a Kali Pritama outside on the Ghats of River Jehlum.
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