Divide Kashmir to create Centrally Administered Union Territory

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Divide Kashmir to create Centrally Administered Union Territory: Panun Kashmir
Jammu, India,
December 23, 2018
Panun Kashmir demands division of Kashmir province to create a centrally administered Union Territory of Panun Kashmir north and east of river Jhelum for the rehabilitation of internally displaced Hindus of Kashmir. We also support making Ladakh as a Union Territory and Jammu as a separate State.

Division of Kashmir to create a Union territory in Kashmir is an imperative necessity to defeat the religious fascist war being waged by Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir. The opposition of the entire spectrum of so-called mainstream leadership of Kashmir to the proposition of giving Ladakh province a divisional status and building of a University in Leh has once again demonstrated that polity in Kashmir has shunned even a symbolic commitment to secularism, equality of opportunity and development.

Any effort to correct the present situation of Jammu and Kashmir behaving as a Muslim State on the territory of India is being opposed tooth and nail by the Muslim leadership of Kashmir which is acting as a Muslim monolith. Jammu and Kashmir has to cease to be a Muslim State if India has to survive as a secular nation.

Happenings in Kashmir show it glaringly that the Jihadi mindset has penetrated deep into the folk psyche and has polluted the minds of even women and children.
The mass mobilizations in Kashmir valley to disrupt action of security forces against terrorists are actually mass Fidayeen suicide-murder campaigns. Kashmir is in the grip of life hating forces who are promoting a totalitarian way of life.

There is a necessity to contest the regressive politics dominating all shades of political spectrum in Kashmir. We have to bear in mind that fascist movements have to be defeated intellectually to liberate the people from their grip. Contestation of regression is not demonization.

Recent events showing linkages of the terrorists operating in Kashmir with separatist sympathizers in Punjab should serve as an eye opener to Government of India. Separatist establishment is spreading its subversive tentacles across India and to believe that trouble in Kashmir is an isolated and localized phenomenon will prove to be fatal for the nation.

Panun Kashmir is continuing its efforts to educate the people of India along the length and breadth of the nation about the spreading tentacles of the Jihadi war.