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Dr. Renu Razdan amongst 10 Women Achievers in Life Sciences Industry
New Delhi, November 04, 2010

Dr Renu Razdan, Chief Operating Officer, Max Neeman International, New Delhi
Dr Renu Razdan heads the business development and operations function of the company. In her career, Dr Renu has worked with both Indian and international customers and travels extensively to understand customer requirements in various geographies
Q How did you counter the challenges as a woman during the initial stage of your career?
The main challenge was to fight the stereotype views that society had about the role that women play in the world. This is specific not only to India. The best way to overcome this is to stay committed and focused to your objectives, and persistently try to achieve and excel.

Q What are the qualities needed for women while running a business at a leadership level?
Basically, women know that the challenges they face are not unique to them. We are a knowledge-based industry, and hence it is important to have an international perspective.

Q What has been your formula for success?
There are no short-cuts to success. The combination of hard work and the passion to achieve goals will lead you to success. Challenges bring with them a lot of opportunities. I also believe that it is important to work with people who believe in the same principles, and therefore, it is important to create a team that believes in the motto ‘all for one; and one for all’.

Additionally, being in a business where we compete with international companies, we have to make sure that we have a team that ardently believes in presenting a great image of India, and deliver excellence.

Q What are the measures needed to encourage women in life sciences industry?
An environment where their talent and intelligence are nurtured, is critical .to the success of women. Organizations must make sure that equal opportunities exist for women, not only in letter but also in spirit. Hence, creating an environment where their talents and skills are utilized well, is important.

A number of women face difficulty in managing a work-life balance. Implementing small but effective changes like flexible office timings for women, can bring promising results.

Q How do you see the future for women in life sciences industry?
Anyone who is talented, passionate and willing to work hard and think differently, has a great future in this industry. Innovation will be very important in times to come. We must recognize what we are good at, and try to excel in that area.

Q Could you suggest five tips for potential entrepreneurs?
Risk-taking ability, being passionate about work, willingness to work hard, capability to develop a great team, ability to turn challenges into opportunities can take one ahead.

Source: BioSpectrum India
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Congratulations on this achievement.
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Her hard work and struggle has ultimately paid.Our best wishes. "Ralithmeelith" Group.
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congratulations for your achievement. We are really proud of you
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You have made us all proud, with your sincere determination and serious efforts. Well done and Congratulations on the success.
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It is a success, you truly deserved. It is an achievement you have truly earned. I congratulate you on your success and wish you all the best for your future.
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