Palm Kulnee Tal with Kailash Mehra


Report by Renuka Kaul
“Palm Kulnae Tal” was a magical musical evening that was organized by Deepakji Ganju. It was a warm evening of 1st August, 2009 that started off with the Miami Kashmiri Biradiri gathering for tea and snacks followed by the musical bonanza presented by the Melody Queen from the valley Mrs. Kailash Mehra Sadhu. Kailashji is no stranger to the Miami community as this was her third visit in the last 6 years and this year she was accompanied by her husband, her biggest supporter and strength Shri Vijay Kumar Sadhu.

With her enchanting voice Kailashji started the evening with Ganesh bhajan followed by a collection of her new songs for the listening pleasure of the crowd; who could not get enough of her beautiful music. The atmosphere was warming up as Kailashji poured out her all time favorite melodies like Bal Maryo, Partho Gilas, Katyo Chuk Nund bane and even a few Hindi songs and Ghazals.

The crowd went berserk as Kailashji sang songs on people’s requests; it was hard to bring the programe to an end, as the people could not get enough of her beautiful enchanting music.

Finally the beautiful musical programe was brought to a close with a vote of thanks to Kailashji and other artists who accompanied her on musical instruments. Special vote of thanks also went out for the gracious hosts Dr. Chander Shaykher and Mrs. Gita Shaykher, who welcomed Kailashji and all the guests at their home with open hearts, Deepakji Ganju and Chandraji Ganju for organizing such a wonderful event and to all the volunteers without whom this enchanting musical evening would not have been such a success. All this was followed by a pot-luck dinner including mouth watering delicacies prepared by the ladies of the Biradiri.

It was a beautiful, mesmerizing evening with magical amalgamation of musical notes and aromatic cuisine from the valley; which will linger in the hearts of all for many years to come.
Exclusive images of Kailash Mehra's South Florida trip in July-August 2009
August 1, 2009 at Bay View Lane, Miami, Florida

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