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Queen of Kashmiri Melodies Kailash Mehra concert in LA
Los Angels (USA) July 19, 2009

Report by
Monica Aima Salman
After concluding her scintillating performance at K.P. National Camp, Lake Tahoe on July 4th weekend, melody queen, Kailash Mehra Sadhu, a household name among KP families performed in Los Angeles on Sunday July 19th 2009. She sang mix of Kashmiri/Hindi/Ghazals /Punjabi numbers.

It was all due to the efforts of Dr Amrit Nehru and his team of volunteers who made this night a memorable one for a long time to come. The whole function was presented in a very professional manner with the wonderful venue a nice big hall with a capacity of about 200 people and it was almost full. Mrs. Sadhu was accompanied by a well renowned Tabla Player of Southern California Mr. Deepak Kumar who runs his own music academy and also by an upcoming Tabla Player. The aquoastic affect of the big hall made the concert even more enjoyable and melodious. Before the show started Kailash jee was felicitated by one of our own Senior Kashmiri Lady Mrs Shyama Wali who in her hey days used to be a Kashmiri singer and had performed on Radio Kashmir.

Mrs Kailash Mehra Sadhu started the evening with a nice wonderful Kashmiri Bhajan and then followed up with a variety of Kashmiri and Hindi songs and Ghazals. The audience was a mix of Kashmiri and non Kashmiri people and Kailash jee catered to the satisfaction of one and all. Apart from that she also stole hearts of kids by engaging with them on the "Hukus Bukus" number, the kids still remember the fun filled evening. All the people in the Audience were so much involved with the songs and were clapping and dancing along with some of the songs. Some of the Non Kashmiri guests who had come for the show enjoyed the Kashmiri songs like any other Hindi songs and were seen humming some of the words of Kashmiri songs sung by Kailash jee.

During the Concert homage was paid to the security forces of India on the occasion of the Tenth Anniversary of Kargil War and on a special request of the Audience Kailash Jee paid homage to the Veer Jawans of India by singing the Song “Aye mere Watan ke Logon” and the song did bring out the emotions of one and all in the audience. The night went on and on and with the initial timing of ending the concert at 8PM it went beyond 9.30PM with Kailash jee singing non stop for more than 4 hours. Every body was so much involved in the songs that time went unnoticed. Finally Kailash jee ended the night with an excellent Mehndi Hasan Ghazal "Gulon main Rang Bhare......”

We are thankful to Dr Nehru and his team who made this event a Grand success. Before the concert started Special kehva with snacks were served and at the end dinner was served to all. Dr Nehru had opened the doors to his office facility which was next door to the concert hall to cater to the needs of guests.

To name some, Special thanks go to Dr.Amrit Nehru, Paviter Handoo. Kalpana Nehru, Ruhi Hak, Jeet Kotru, Sanju Salman, Ajay.Garyali, Monica Aima Salman and Urmila Tickoo, for their contribution to make the event a grand success
Some images of Kailash Mehra's LA trip

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It was good to see Kailash Mehra Concert pictures and a very nice report from our very own Monica Aima Salman in Shehjar's September issue. Congratulations to Monica for this report as well to other volunteers who made this event a grand success.
Added By Paviter Handoo
Dr Nehru sahib, Thanks for aranging the nice evening with Kashmir Sofiyana Queen Kalash Mehra Sadhu on July 19th. Gazals,kashmiri songs were so good it reminded me of kashmir.The function was presented so nicely and with positive feelings. Every invitee was impressed with the arrangement,place of venue,sound system,tabla players,and the excellent dinner served at the end. I personally thank you for the time, dedication and love shown by you from time to time in arranging such events.
Added By Dr.Vijay Wali
Our Millions thanks to you for inviting and treating us with the fun filled wonderful melodious evening. In true sense, we enjoyed the musical evening after such a long time. My wife commented that in Kuwait we had such evenings at least once in a month, but after emigrating to USA, it is for the first time we felt we were back in Kuwait with total Indian atmosphere. We were privileged to see and interact with number of Kashimiri friends of yours as well..
Added By Prem Sadani
Mrs. Kailash was par excellence. It is rare to see an artist of her caliber with full of humility and she was one. Very polite and down to earth. And thank you so much for the dinner as well. My wife is sitting next to me and conveying her best to you all.
Added By Prem Sadani