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"The Braves Arise "

by Arman Koul
(Age: 10 years)
What if we had no eyes and no ears

Would we still know far and near

If we walked with our hands

And talked with our feet

Then how would we seat and eat?

What if our imagination became reality

Would it be our desires also came true

If we thought of something we wanted

And got it brand-new

     Then would there be conflict, less or more?

What if we always got what we sought

Would we know what to ask for

                  If we shared our best boons with our loved ones

  And brought horrors for those we fought

Then what would remain of us all?

What if God did not make the world

Yours, everybody’s as much as mine

If it was some other way

And only some people held sway

Then would it be much a place to stay?

*Arman Koul is a 11 years old, 6th grade student from Andover, MA. He enjoys reading, music and sports, not necessarily in that order.

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Arman through your inverted logic message is conveyed clear that this World can be perfected with good deeds and rich imagination which you are full of With those endowments we can walk with hands and talk with feet
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