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YAIKS agrees to attend duties in Valley after appointment
Jammu (India) October 5, 2009

Report & Images by Raman Raina

Youth All India Kashmiri Samaj (YAIKS) today said that the employment package and return of the Kashmiri Pandit Migrants are two different issues and need not to be clubbed as one. This was stated by its President R K Bhat, Treasures Sanjay Shashoo, Organizer Sunil Dhar during a joint press conference here today.

They said that while employment is a matter of sustenance of a family and the community members of Apex Committee have recently agreed commendably in its recently held meeting that the youth will proceed to Valley for discharge of their duties after appointment and this must be appreciated. The statement issued by KSD is not in favour of the unemployed youth of the community and this compelled them to organize this press conference.

It warned the community leaders who want to play with the sentiments and future of the community youth will not be allowed to make them sandwich of their vested interests. They wandered from Delhi to Srinagar and organized dozens of demonstrations in Jammu to attract the attention of the State Government for speedy implementation of the employment package, they said adding that when the government has started the meaningful exercise in this regard the so-called leaders have started poking their nose and issued ultimatum to the government that if the employment package seeks undermine their particular demand will be rejected. Who are they to reject the employment package they asked.

They also informed that these so-called leaders' wards are settled in abroad with handsome salaries and this employment package is for 14,074 unemployed youth who have been passing their days in lurch without any future, they reminded. They further said that all Kashmiri Pandit leaders who attended the Apex Committee meeting had agreed in principal that the community youth will proceed to Valley for performing their duties after appointment.
Raman Raina is Shehjar's Chief Photo Journalist based in Jammi, India.
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