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Shehjar is pleased to offer dowloadable version of Koshur Calendar for the year 2010-2011 (Ready Reckoner Panchang) a free service made possible due to underwriting by some generous benefactors of KHF Kashmir Hindu Foundation, Inc,, a non-profit/tax exempt organization registered in USA. The calendar has12 beautiful images of some of very rare and ancient Temples of Kashmir.

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Very well written and informative article for laymen like me. Thank you Nanditaji.
Added By Asha Munshi
A splendid brief on Hindu Calander and its evolution in simple lucid words which appeal to all.Author deserves kudos.
Added By pushkar ganjoo
Very informative article on an important subject. Thanks for this submission.
Added By Anil Kaul
Great work......
Added By Chander M. Bhat
An excellent article especially for a layman like me.Kudos to the writer and the editor/s.
The New Year’s Day that came down to us by tradition is always celebrated on the Chaitra Shukla Pratipada. Why it is celebrated then? The Scriptures say that it was on this day that Bhagawaan Shri Brahmaa had created the world, and so this was its first day.
Added By Ranjeet Singh
Very interesting article.Even though I was born and raised in a kashmiri pandit family where we followed hindu lunar calendar to a large extent, I did not understand the lunar calendar very well, that is till I read this wonderful article. Very well written article. Thank you Nandita ji for the well researched write up.
Added By Sunanda Vashisht
Thank you for re publishing this wonderful article, a masterpiece indeed, a must - read for anybody (like me)who has always been perplexed by the umpty number of "New years"observed in different parts of the world!The combination of simplicity and scientific accuracy/depth of the article is stunning !Congratulations Nandithaji!
Added By chandini kadakkal
This article explains nicely the differences in various calendars and solar and lunar systems.
Added By Surendar Bhan