Nithya Shlokaas(Part-3)

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Nithya Shlokaas(Part-3)
*KanyaLal Raina

Namaste Children

It is a very unique feature of our culture to pray for universal peace and happiness everyday as well as for the “self- betterment”. No day ends without praying for world peace.

The following shloka prays for happiness and prosperity for everyone.

Sarve bhavanthu sukinaha Sarve santhu niraamayaaha
Sarve bhadhraani pashyanthu Maa kashidh dhukhabhag bhaveth

Lokaa samasthaa sukhino bhavanthu- 3 times

May all be happy. May all be free from disease. May all enjoy prosperity. May none experience sorrow. May there be happiness and peace in the entire world.

The following is a prayer for ‘self betterment’

Asathoma sath gamaya
Thama soma jyothir gamaya
Mruthyoma amrutham gamaya

Lead from the unreal to the real. Lead from darkness (ignorance) to light (knowledge). Lead from mortality( sense of limitation) to immortality( limitlessness/liberation).

Om Shanthi! Shanthi! Shanthi!

*Kanayalal Raina is a Brampton based writer who contributes regularly to various Canadian publications. He is working as Executive Director at Canada Hindu Heritage Centre in Canada. An automobile Engineer and MBA (Mktg) by profession he is providing consultancy on Project Management, Financing and Marketing.

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Great job by sh k s rainaji, for children and grownups. keep it up. dear editorji, this article needs to be highlighted and popularised as a future investment. KECSS NEWS LETTER HAS STARTED A COLUMN ANSWERING SOME USUAL QUESTIONS ON CERTAIN PRACTICES WE INDULGE IN,FOR THE YOUTH. GOD BLESS REGARDS SHIBAN RAINA
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