Militants still active in J&K: DGP Khoda

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Militants still active in J&K: DGP Khoda
Jammu (India) November 21, 2009
Report & Images by Raman Raina

Director General of Jammu and Kashmir police Kuldeep Khoda on saturday said that at least 700 militants are still active in the state and continue to receive funding and other support from their handlers sitting across Pakistan.

Addressing a media conference here today at police headquarters DGP said, "in comparison to previous year the graph of violence has recorded a 23-24 percent drop during the current year.
Khoda said year 2008 recorded 36 percent drop in rate of violence, which was highest in the 19 year long history of Jammu and Kashmir and this year 23-24 percent drop in incidents of violence have been recorded over previous year.

The seniormost police officer also expressed hope that year 2009 would witness lowest ever incidents of violence.Security forces are on high alert and equipped to thwart game plan of militants to spread terror in the state.

Commenting on the strategy of the militant groups active in the state DGP said that various groups are active in the state and are working in close coordination with each other to carry out strikes against the security forces guarding Indian borders.

He said as per their strategy large number of militants try and infiltrate inside the Indian territory in the month of March -April when after long winters mountain passes begin to open up and ahead of winter months when snow closes down mountain passes.

Khoda said security forces are witnessing a definite shift in their game plan. Now a days professionals formulate the strategy and direct militants to carry out strikes against the security forces, he added saying there is no question of them confronting each other on the groundThe militant groups are working as per a definite game plan to bleed India.

Replying to a specific question of whether more and more surrendered militants are joining back the ranks of militant outfits Khoda clarified that though few cases of surrender militants joining back have come to light but no conclusions can be drawn that majority of active militants are all surrendered militants.
Raman Raina is Shehjar's Chief Photo Journalist based in Jammi, India.
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