Musical Extravanganza at AIKS Conclave

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Musical Extravanganza at AIKS Conclave
New Delhi, November 15 2009

Images courtsey Raj Raina
Report by Dalip Langoo
t was a remarkable day, when we were listening to a group of children who hailed from Jammu internally displaced peoples camps, the majical music they presented was their first time experience on an National platform at SIRIFORT AUD. New Delhi, even these children had never seen places outside Jammu. One can imagine and realise what the first time experience means and we must encourage the children by showing our concerns through all our sources at least say a word of appreciation for them that can bring a thrill in their life and enourage them to attain their goals set/ dreamt by them. The selected participants from Jammu who were given shield / momentos at the end of the programme by one of the known senior Kashmiri artiste Mrs. Rita Kaul who blessed /kissed each artiste for their superb performances:
  • Vishal Pandita- Match Kerthass Devanaii Jananai Dilbaroo;
  • Vineeta Bhat- Duet- Bram Dith Tsolum Tu Kernass Vujaruu;
  • Diksha Tiku- Duet- Bram Dith Tsolum Tu Kernass Vujaruu;
  • Pooja Pandita- Deedar Ditamm Natuu Ho Marai Yikhna Tsu Myanee Dilbarai;
  • Sharad Pandita- Bram Dith Tsolum Tu Kernass Vujaruu;
  • Ajay Dhar- Vantam Kya Gatsii Baaliye;
  • Little Master Raghav Pandita mesmerised the audiene by singing Mritunjay Mantra;
  • Vinod Kumar- Punjabi song;
  • Group Song a nostalgic Rhyme, Hutte Huttaa written by me was presented by all the TALENTED lot created emotional shivers among audience.

We feel honored when some KP individuals contacted us to sponsor all these children for any kind of training in the days to come and even the revered President Shri Moti Kaul ji was moved by their performance and announced a cash support of 50 K for such a wonderful organised programme. KPCC a prime KP chamber of commerce org too announced a cash support of Rs 21K for the wonderful effort. There were more such dedicatons from Noida KP asso; individuals and other orgs. as well who showed their desparation/keen interest to help such noble things to happen time and again so that community TALENT can be groomed for better tomorrow.

Dhananjay Kaul

Dalip Langoo

Suhail Kaul & Rita Kaulk

Priya Raina

The other artistes who performed on the occasion were:

  • Saraswati Vandana by Dalip Langoo and selectd children from Jammu;
  • A Tribute to Late Mr. Nagaarjun Ganjoo by Dalip Langoo;
  • A memorable musical session by Mr. Dhananjay Kaul;
  • Mr. Sanjay Wali sang some Filmy songs with his good voice;
  • Bewitching Film song presentations by Ku. Vibha Saraf;
  • Thrilling Film songs by Mr. Suhail Kaul that are originally sung by him in the Bollywood Films with a Sufi number;
  • Dalip Langoo sang SopnuWath Chumm Panun Kashmir and Megha song;
  • Here STAR CHILDREN made there MIND BLASTING presentations;
  • The ANCHOR Priya Raina apart from her role mesmerised the audiences with her remarkable mimicry and Film songs.

The overall programme was a great sucess that brought to lime light the budding talent as well as an analysis about the kind of MUSIC that need promotion to attain the great heights at the musical front as well as all the creations that we have missed in past two decades. We have become hopeful of all support from all the well wishers that from now onwards we need not to worry about all the aspects of cultural heritage that will be taken care by the stalwarts of the noble community.

The children had a Delhi Darshan trip planned for today and they will be leaving tomorrow for Jammu with this hope that they will be taken care through training, taking part in various work shops on voice culture, modern technique of singing and main education above all frequent pubic prformances at sate level as well as International level . AIKS has set the ideal path for us to follow and we see a ray of hope in the present most caring and responsible leadership/ group which can bring laurels to the community by supporting our future KIDS from camps.

We desparately need more organised and large scale TALENT HUNT for our beloved children so that we can have more such Jewels who can change the face of community and who can made us feel proud for their rarest contributions in the days to follow. In the golden words of Shri Moti ji let us work in this direction to ensure that our present generations do not suffer under depression due to lack of resources. Let us provide them the desirous platform and required resources.

At the end when momentos were distributed everyone responsible for the sucess of the grand show was thanked by the president Shri Moti Kaul who was addressed few lines by a camp volenteer Mr. Subhash that were completed by few ladies present in the audience made the entire enironment of the hall EMOTIONAL. Tears started rolling down from most of the people present in the audience as this once again exhibited our real LOL, MAAY TU MOHABATH of olden days. Everyone thanked each other to commit ourselves for the community cause.

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