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One Truth

*KanyaLal Raina

Namaste Children

We have discussed in great length during the past one year about our unique concept of worshipping the ‘One Truth” in different names and forms. Although some may find this concept unacceptable, I believe that the ‘One Truth’ is present in all creations and as such we accept and acknowledge the presence of the divine power in everything. In other words we see God in everything, everyone and everywhere and do not have any reservations about worshipping it all. I would like to conclude this series and today I want to talk to about anger as it is important that we should avoid this at all costs.

A hungry man is an angry man and an angry man is a savage. Josephine Licciardello warns us saying, “Anger is just one letter away from danger!” Anger is an emotional state from minor irritation to intense rage making one to punish oneself with other people’s mistakes. It is a part of fight or flight response to certain real or perceived threats.

Phil Barker describes anger as a natural and potentially productive emotion. It can serve positive functions when expressed properly. A certain amount of anger is in fact necessary as it allows us to defend ourselves and can be useful in expressing how we feel to others.

Expressing anger makes one feel more powerful than the other. At times it can even help to solve a problem. But venting anger does not always work.

Anger can be suppressed by focussing it on something else. Well-wishers often advise us to count ten before saying or doing anything. It has been rightly said, “Never reply a letter when you are angry!” If you are prone to violence then walk away from the provocation before pressure builds up. You can calm down by taking a deep breath and relaxing. You may not get what you want at all, and yet in remaining calm, you may discover something else that you need even more than what you thought you wanted.

People who become social doormats do not admit feeling hurt about anything, but usually have resentment underneath their calm appearance. Whining, as said by Al Franken, is anger through a small opening. Apathy is a veiled form of anger with deep sorrow for all humanity. People get angry when their expectations are not met. Personal biases and emotions take over leading to aggression. Anger is the wish for harm to come upon someone that one believes has injured one. Often an angry person hurts innocent persons by manipulating circumstances.

Remember that when the boss slams his fist on the table and yells, “I’m the BOSS!” - he no longer is! Anger takes him off his rocker, thereby sending him up the air to hit the ceiling! He starts going bananas and beats his breast in anger, crying out aloud. This makes him lose his cool, his blood begins to boil and most likely he would have burst a blood vessel by looking daggers at someone!

Nevertheless, the best form of revenge is to forgive and never allow the sun to go down on your anger so that you can balance your stress.

Angry people commit many mistakes in life. But mistakes that lighten your mood can be real fun. For example, a furious teacher says, “Write down your name and father of your name!” Yet another one shouts, “Why are you looking at the monkeys outside when I am in the class?”

May God increase such angry people’s tribe! After all, like laughter, anger is also nature’s gift to us!

*Kanayalal Raina is a Brampton based writer who contributes regularly to various Canadian publications. He is working as Executive Director at Canada Hindu Heritage Centre in Canada. An automobile Engineer and MBA (Mktg) by profession he is providing consultancy on Project Management, Financing and Marketing.

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