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“We are the sum of our decisions.” This statement indicates that a man’s morals and level of integrity are prevalent in his actions because a man does what he decides to do. At every step in life we make decisions and sometimes we are tempted to act in a manner we know is wrong. These temptations come in many forms every day and most of the time it comes in the form of peer pressure. In today’s modern age where drugs, violence, and foul language have become a way of life, it is hard to remain true to one’s morals and even harder to act upon them.

Often times it is difficult to know whether one is making the right decision in matters, but there are many ways one can avoid making the wrong decisions in life. One such way to resist immoral temptations is to live life by the word of our satguru. We can develop an understanding of how our satguru wants us to live saintly lives through Holy Scriptures and through the teachings we receive in satsung. What better way to demonstrate our love to God than by obeying Him?

Another way to avoid making immoral decisions is by refusing to see materialistic desires such as wealth, power, and fame as a source of true lasting happiness. These possessions are phony and temporary and can only be enjoyed with God’s grace. If we make God our top priority, we will be binding ourselves to a permanent entity who will always be there for us. Through our prayers we can show God that we have surrendered to Him and learn how to serve Him in our decisions.

Finally, we should not put ourselves in foolish positions and then expect God to perform miracles and bail us out.

In simpler terms, we should not test God. It is naive for us to think that we are special cases and God will protect us even when we throw ourselves into a roaring fire. Once we decide to stray away from our Master’s teachings, we have no one to blame for our actions other than ourselves. As it has been seen, man is often the culprit of his own demise.

Even though God will forgive us for our mistakes, the fact does not change that our actions have consequences. A person who chooses to be dishonest at work should not be surprised if he loses his job, a person who smokes should not fret if he is diagnosed with lung cancer, a person who decides to drown his sorrows in a couple of drinks should not be startled if his drinking results in addiction, and a person who commits adultery should not be shocked if he ends up alone with no one to care for him. Every cause has an effect and that is why it is important to pray God at every step and ask Him to bless them with the ability to make the right decisions in life. This is my prayer for myself and for others who want God’s help to resist sinful temptations.
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Arti dabbled with her first major print and broadcasting assignments while she was in graduate school in Chicago. This included reporting for the PBS affiliate. She later got the opportunity to work in Washington, D.C. as a correspondent for 7 CBS affiliates in Montana in 2006. From there, Arti joined WKAG and covered news along the border of Tennessee and Kentucky. Besides news, Arti enjoyed being a big sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters. She was also given the "Key to the City" by the mayor of Clarksville for her commitment to the community.
Arti received her BA from UC Berkeley where she completed a major in Mass Communications and a minor in English. She also has a Master of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. In her free time, Arti loves to travel, volunteer, write in her journal, and spend time with her family.
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Beautiful words from a beautiful mind.
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"It is naive for us to think that we are special cases and God will protect us even when we throw ourselves into a roaring fire" and we still not only chant "vyakultayi manz mata rachtumm cha", we believe it too :))
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