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AIKS rejects Saghir report, terms it mouthpiece of separatists
Jammu (India) January 11, 2009

Report & images by Raman Raina

ll India Kashmiri Samaj (AIKS), a powerful body representing nearly 60 Kashmiri Pandit organisations have rejected the recommendations of Justice Sagir Ahmed report on Centre-State Relations.
Samaj has termed the report anti national and mouth piece of the separatists.

AIKS has said that it has tried to implement the agenda of separatists on the people of Jammu and Kashmir, which will have grave consequences for the nationalist people of the state.

Addressing a press conference, AIKS president Moti Koul said that it is strange that report was prepared without any proper discussion and approval from its group members, who were part of the working group.

Koul said, 'Talk about autonomy for a state which already enjoys extra ordinary patronage is preposterous. All India Kashmiri Samaj and its 60 affiliates reject this report out rightly".

He said that the report has ignored the people of Jammu, Ladhak and refugees from PoK who are worst sufferers of discrimination and militancy.
"Millions of people continue to remain hostage to the ideology of the separatists who want to take away Kashmir from rest of the country and we will fight against it", he said.

Samaj has also said that Prime Minister Package for the Kashmiri Pandits has remained a nonstarter so fars.

Koul, said that when the Prime Ministers Package was announced most of the KP organizations including All India Kashmiri Samaj welcomed it, although the package was so less, we still saw a beam of light though two years down the line it is still a non starter.
"The package has become just a eyewash for the displaced youth who were keenly awaiting for employment package", Koul said.

Samaj has said that government of Jammu and Kashmir should come up with clear cut policy on the package being announced for the displaced youth.
Saying this package has many flaws, he demanded that the package be properly discussed with all Kashmiri Pandit representatives and modified to suit the aspirations of the displaced Pandits.

Koul also demanded enhancement of cash relief and passing of temples and shrines bill. "As for as employment package is concerned we welcomed the first step taken by the Government, however, the conditions attached with it smell fowl play", he said.

Prof. Usha Tickoo Co-convener A1KS women's Wing, Virender Kuchroo Secretary AIKS were also present in the press conference.
Raman Raina is Shehjar's Chief Photo Journalist based in Jammi, India.
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