Veri Masala/ Kashmiri Spicy Cake (Video)

Veri Masala/ Kashmiri Spicy Cake
by ChandraMukhi Ganju
Recipe Video
Veri Masala/ Kashmiri Spicy Cake

Veri is a special blend of spicy cake and used to enhance the flavor and aroma of Kashmiri dishes like haakh , monji and fish. It is made by mixing freshly ground spices with oil and then dried under sun. It can then be stored in an airtight container and used in small quantities throughout the year.

7-8 veri pieces


4 tbsp. methe/ dry fenugreek powder

4 crushed roung/ loung/ cloves

2 tbsp. daniwal/ daniya/ dry coriander powder

4 tbsp. mertschwangan/ red chili powder

1 tsp. shonth/ dry ginger powder

1 tsp.badiyan/ dry fennel powder

8 tbsp. or ½ cup of vegetable cooking oil

4 tsp. yeng/heeng/ asafetida powder dissolved in 3 tbsp. or more of water

(some families add maha/ urad flour also)


Add all the ingredients in a deep-bottomed bowl and mix well.

Add heeng dissolved in water.

Kneed well like dough.

Cover and allow the mixture to rise and fluff for an hour.

Take small portions of dough about 45 grams and make a round tikki/patty like alloo tikki with a hole in center. *

Make rest of the tikki/ patties same way.

Place these patties on plate or tray, preferably wooden tray.

Allow tikki/ patty to dry under sun for about 2 or 3 days.

Store in freezer after drying to retain freshness.

*Alternative to Tikki:

Fill all above mixed masala/ spicy mixture in an airtight glass bottle and store in freezer or fridge for freshness.

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hello chandramukhi ji, thanks for the Var masala recipe. I am huge fan of your recipes; I keep them bookmarked and always refer to them when making my kashmiri dishes.
Added By Sonali Kaul
Namaskar!! Mam i like your all recipes and it helps me a lot while making Kashmiri dishes for my family.I love it. Ajay & Kavita Razdan
Added By Kavita Bhat
This is the recipe of vaer made by non-muslims because heeng/asafoetida is not used in the kashmiri muslim preparations,they use garlic instead.This is a very important point and needs to be noted.
Added By Narinder Happa
Where can I purchase Var in Mumbai or on line?
Added By Anil S