Bhasha Sumbli proves her mettle

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Bhasha Sumbli proves her mettle as Director
'Birjees Qadar Ka Kumba' invites thunderous applause

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t was a debut that not only stole the hearts of the serious theatre lovers but also established a budding theaterist Bhasha Sumbli as director, who debuted in the world of direction from this play.

Bhasha could not have asked for more than the thunderous applause and the extremely classic selection for her debut as director besides flood of praises after the show was over.

Dedicating her first ever play as director to the theater veterans like Late Sh Parveen Kesar and Kirpal Singh Kasali was also appreciated by the theatre lovers.
The silence with which the audience watched the brilliant performances of the artists including Bhasha Sumbli (Director) in lead role of Birjees Qadar, Priya Raina (Assistant Director) as Hasan Baandi and all other actors was a clear signal that Bhasha has complete grip over the intricacies of acting as well as direction of the play.
Staging of play 'Birjees Qadar Ka Kumba'- an Urdu adaptation of Federico Garcia Lorca's Spanish classic- "La Casa de Bernarda Alba" under the banner of Rangyug, invited thunderous applause of audience for its content and its powerful presentation by entire Rangyug team.

The play revolves around the household of a mother, excessively concerned with social class and morality, and her five young unmarried daughters full of youthful passion and vitality.
The plot reveals the conflict between loud repression and undercurrents of passion and thus the play inspects the impact of men (rather the absence of men) upon the women.

Birjees Qadar's (originally Bernarda Alba's) tyranny over her daughters is said to represent the Franco's fascist regime in the then prevalent administrative set up and the frustration of the young unmarried daughters is said to represent the pathos of the masses reeling under him in Spain in 1930's.

Federico Garcia Lorca through this play wrote the truth of his times and got executed by Franco just two months after finishing it at the age of thirty eight.

The synchronizing expressions and powerful dialogue delivery of Bhasha Sumbli playing Birjees Qadar in the play were applauded with cheers and similarly the brilliant performance of Priya Raina playing Hasan Baandi earned praise of the audience.

Other artists also played their part professionally which was appreciated by the audience present in the hall.
Later on speaking to media persons, Director of the play Bhasha Sumbli said that the revolutionary spirit of the Lorca inspired her and her team to perform this play and express their concern against all fascist and anti-democratic tendencies prevalent in current period.

The other girls also performed brilliantly with many of them performing for the first time on stage who include Poonam Handa as Banndi, Aparna Kapoor as Fehmeeda, Juhie Mohan as Aadila, Isha Taggar as Mushtari, Keshav Sharma as Aamila, Vidushi Slathia as Kudasiya, Veenu Sharma as Akhtari Begum, Sangeeta Pandita in twin roles of Bhikharan and Bee Azmat, and little actress Ananya Anthal in a role of Chhoti Bachi besides Rameshwari Slathia and Aakriti as mourners.

The backstage credits go to Ashish Sharma (sounds), Soham, Ashish Raina, Rajinderpal (Sets), Raj Kumar Behrupia (lights), Ajay Slathia (Props), Veenu Sharma (Costumes) Dr Kamal Sharma (Make-up), Avinash Sharma and Aakriti (Management).

Backstage Priya Raina and Basha Sumbli with Chief Guest Deepak Ganju, of Kashmir Hindu Foundation.
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