Southern California KP's celebrate Shivratri

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Southern California Shivratri Celebrations
Los Angels, CA (USA) February 21, 2009
ashmir community from Southern California organized a Shivratri a get together event on Sunday, February 21, 2010. The event was organized by Paviter Handoo in a centrally located Convention hall in LA area.

The event started with a colorful traditional Pooja by Pandit ji who was invited for the ceremony. Everyone participated and it was a joy to see the involvement of the children. During the pooja ceremony community volunteers served Kashmir Chai and snacks to members.

The highlight of this year's event was that almost every one attended and colorful and different varieties of food was displayed. Local talent was at display with several songs and Cultural show. The kids also participated in various cultural activities and special prize's were given to each participant.

Dr. Amrit Nehru was recognized for his community services and was presented with an award and a Kashmiri Shawl. The award was presented to him by Shri Rajiv Khoshoo.

Everyone expressed full support and faith in the community activist role of Paviter Handoo and his leadership abilities to handle tough situations and take on the challenges. They also thanked him for his personal efforts to make this event a memorable one.

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Thank you Shehjar for preserving our memorable community events away from homeland.
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