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Heyrath! - Miami Style!
Miami, Florida (USA) February 13 &14th, 2009

Report by
Renuka Kaul
Heyrath Mubarak!

t's hard to believe that one year has gone by since we celebrated Shivaratri in South Florida! For Kashmiri Pundits residing in South Florida, celebrating Maha Shivaratri with lots of love and togetherness as a community holds a special place in our hearts.This is our way of seeking Lord Shiva's blessings by embracing his true spirit in our lives. It is a very important celebration thru which we share our culture and traditions with our children thereby strengthening the foundations of our religion in their hearts and soul.

This year Shivaratri celebrations were held on the 13th of Feb'10 and the gracious hosts who opened their hearts and home to the biradari members were Drs. Sanjay and Shashi Razdan. The evening began with an elaborate spread of snacks and tea.It was a pretty cold and breezy evening for Miami and looking at everyone wrapped in shawls and jackets,hustled around heaters,sipping hot tea sure brought back memories of many Heyraths like that from back home.

The cultural programme followed shortly with performances from the enthusiastic kids of the community. Each family had prepared an item,be it a bhajan or a song or a dance; so the for the artists age was no bar. As the programme began with Ganesh Stuti, there were melodies in the air as Shiva bhajans and Chakris were sung one after the other. Whether it was the enchanting Indrakshi Path, or the reverbrating tabla recital,or the mesmerising Fusion Dance on the melodious 'Ganeshaaye Dheemahi', when the programme was brought to an end with a beautiful 'Rouf' on the ever popular 'Rind Poshmaal' by the two youngest artists who are just 2 and 3 years of age, it left the audiance asking for more. By this time everyone had whipped-up an appetite by the aromas arising from the dinner spread. The dinner that followed was a culinary experience in itself. The potluck covered an array of kashmiri delicacies prepared by the ladies,with various tongue-tickling dishes such as Dumaloo, Chok Wangun, RoghanJosh, Mutsch etc. The ladies were given 'Noon' as auspicious token 'Zang' before all called it a day!

The next day was the picnic at Tree Tops Park and as usual it was a crowd pleaser with lots of fun and food for all. Whether it was the Barbeque or Cricket or Kehwa after a great lunch, everyone had a wonderful time just by being together,listening to melodious Kashmiri music. The festivities were officially brought to a close with the distribution of Heyrath Kharch to all the kids by oldest mother - Bhabi.

May Lord Shiva bring health, happiness and prosperity to one and all.
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Shiva Dance by Shirin Razdan, Priyanka & Nina Shakher Pandita

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