Koshur Saal relaunched in Jammu

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Koshur Saal relaunched in Jammu
Jammu (India) March 7, 2010

Excelsior Correspondent

Chadramukhi Ganjoo’s "Kashur Saal" a book on traditional quick and easy Kashmiri cuisine was relaunched at a function here which was attended by intellectuals and scholars of the displaced community.

The book tells that the preparation of Kashmiri food in an efficient, healthy way that can be just a fun. It says that for cooking a delicious Kashmiri meal will hardly take one 10 to 25 minutes. The tempting hot, spicy taste of Kashmiri food lends a particular quality of its own and distinguishes it from the culinary arts of India and world at large.

In addition the book delineates not only the health benefits of foods used to be eaten by Kashmiri Pandits in Valley daily but also provides the religious and cultural significance associated with the traditional Kashmiri food.

Speaking on the occasion, Mrs Ganjoo a lawyer by profession who after mass migration from Valley moved to US in 1993 said that she had written the book for the new generations of the community so that they will remain in touch with the rich Pandit culture of the Valley.

Mrs Ganjoo, who is presently living in Florida had come here in connection with re-launch of the book.

She said the peculiarity in Kashmiri Pandit cuisine is that it neither contains onion nor garlic and a kitchen in which the meals of Pandits used to be cooked was a sacred place.

The function was also attended by Deepak Ganju, international coordinator, Kashmir Hindu Foundation (KHF).

The function was presided over by PK convenor, Dr Agnishekhar. He said it is for the first time attempt to project Kashmiri Hindu cuisine has been taken. He, also acclaimed the efforts of the author and announced that its Indian addition will come soon.

The book containing 288 pages with over 100 photographs of delicious Kashmiri dishes was last year released by former Union Minister and President, Janata Party, Dr Subramanium Swami in KP National Camp, Lake Tahoe, US.

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