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"The Braves Arise "





by *Shyan Koul
(Age: 9 years)

  I look in the mirror and what do I see,
A dashing young boy looking straight at me.

I jump up and down and roll on a mat,
But no matter what he’s still a copycat.

I always give him a bunch of tips,
He doesn’t respond, only moves his lips.

He only moves his lips when I speak!
I don’t like this impolite freak.

He looks just like me, is he my twin?
In our face off, who will win?

“You’re handsome” I say as he moves
No reply! That is what he does.

And whenever I dash next door to tell a friend,
Sadly, the life of the boy comes to an end.




  We were playing a game of Baseball and Burt was the catcher
My dad didn’t see what happened because he was busy with a matter.

So Joe was at bat and hit Burt in the face
Then Joe tripped over his untied lace.

I felt bad for Burt
He was really quite hurt.

But what about Joe who stubbed his toe
Shouldn’t he get some attention too?

As he was weeping “ BOO HOO HOO”
Two men came by in a swoop.

We thought they were Burt and Joe’s dads
To pick them up and get the party to wrap.

But they were only two friends of my dad,
The ones who my dad calls friendly lads

Burt and Joe healed and could walk down the hall,
And now we could keep playing baseball

*Shyan Koul is a 9 years old, 3rd Grade student from Andover, Massachusetts, U.S.A. His interests are story reading, music and travel.

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Well done Shyan. You are guided by independent thought and that brings creativity. Keep writing.
Added By Arun Koul
Bravo Master Blaster.Your thinking is deep and your archetecture of words is grand.Your bunch of tips and impolite freaks do make me a copycat.Rhyme and rhythum of poem is perfect.We can be only proud of you.
Added By pushkar ganjoo
Hey!!! You there Shayan Koul You're good both body and soul The poems are good and rhyme well Pride of the family I can tell Keep up your work it pays a great deal Working at the poems with that zeal I wish you prospered in your field Writing good poems or facing the shield
Added By BL Dhar