Woeful Wails


A Shiver, a shudder goes down my spine
To have lost what once was mine
The merciless devils who strode the streets
With guns pointing at us, to stop our beats
Butchers, killers and hardened marauders
Our houses and deities besieged by intruders

Pasted bills on our doors and blared sirens
Threatening us of snuffing our lives
Roaming with evil eyes and sinister designs
Of looting, killing and maiming us
Wresting our women for their lust

O God it was sheer mayhem all around
A valley with suffering and death abound
We left our homes and our native soil
Shocked and traumatized to face the toil
Our riches, comforts and dwellings gone
Young ones crying, no one to look upon
The blistering heat and hot summers
As if got thrown in hot cinders

Snakes around and in makeshift tents
Found our breaths to face the torments
O God what a cauldron of agony?
Stuffed in cramped spaces with so many
Confused, witless did we wander
Tried our hard but failed to ponder
O Lord our supreme you know our woes
How we braced-up and stood on our toes

I bow to Him for all his piety
What if we lost the prime of life?
Our children indeed did us a pride
Thanks to thee O Lord we are alive
Bless us now and return us our smile
*Ashok Kak is from Habba Kadal, Srinagar. He was the first one to be selected by J&K Public Service Commission to study Optics, Optometry and contact lenses from the reputed Gandhi Eye Hospital Aligarh. He topped the State Medical Faculty Lucknow and joined Government Medical College Srinagar. He was heading the department of Orthoptics and Optometry for three decades. He has attained unparallel fame and recognition in his field and was running three eye clinics in Srinagar, City.

He shifted his residence to Pune in 1997 where he worked as a Lecturer at Bharti Vidya Peeth Hospital, Pune. He has also been running an eye clinic there. His daughter Dr. Anju Kak is a gynecologist and Gold medalist from Bombay University presently in UK and his son Mr. Amit Kak is an alumni of BITS Pilani currently working in San Diego, CA. Hence, Mr. Ashok Kak's time is now divided between Pune, U.K and US. His interests include classical music, singing and English literature.
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Dear Deepak Ganju,Namaskar. The poem composed by Ashok Kak is beautiful one. I would like to garland him.
Added By Surinder Kaul
The pain, the agony, death and disaster that KP's have gone through is strongly reflected in this poem. aor zuv tu dhor koth
Added By Subash Razdan