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I do not get this about democracy. If the government does not deliver, the voters carry the blame. Pure Genius! Where is the accountability for the elected? Why do people from this new "political class" behave like the old Viceroys/ Sultans; Disconnected from the people and connected only to money, graft and taxes? And... then the off-spring of these Sultans (no leaders these) automatically qualify for their positions!
It is tough to handle these new gadgets. Age and experience do not help. A 7 year old handles a universal remote better than a 70 year old. After one has barely learnt how to end a call on the high-end cell phone, they start advertising its new application that manages appliances. My friend hates gizmos and is not... even over having bought a car phone. Poor guy has to run to his car every time the phone rings.
What is about fire? I pruned a score of trees, cut 50 odd whole branches and cleared brush. This huge mound of material after burning left residue to just about fill a couple of buckets. It is true that if the fire is strong enough, even rocks melt. It is also said about some people that they have a fire in their b...elly/ a burning desire/ fiery ambition. I guess that such people can melt impossibilities.
Is it ever too late for trying a fresh start? Sins of a lifetime are washed in a moment of change for the better, by bathing in the Ganges. Say God's name in your last breath and you will still find acceptance with God. So, even if life gave you lemons for your efforts so far, maybe today's fresh start could mark the t...urnaround. Good luck everybody and happy trying!
How times change! How the meaning of adjectives changes! Going green used to be as in "going green with envy". ONIDA TV commercials anyone? Now going green is such a positive says Arman. Means that not only are you environment friendly, you also educate and inspire others to be so. Only if you have the missionary zeal ...to preserve the planet earth do you qualify to be called green, says he.
We typically assume technology to take us forward. Yet, one can not but admire how technology also helps us to reconnect with our best friends and finest moments from the past. Do you think that technology will actually take us back in the future? (Question to be read as is)
The common connection is Kashmir. But what is not common can be of interest too. It is also that delta difference, that unknown, uncommon about you that keeps you interesting/ unpredictable. Shehjar is looking for stories. About people, from people. You! The next issue comes out early May. Keep it alive. Make it fr...esh. Send your news, stories, updates, achievements, events, views to editor.shehjar@gmail.com now.
FB friends-Real Life Friends. Do real friends become FB friends or are FB friends just part of a virtual reality? Virtual Reality; an artificial, computer generated space in which people tend to immerse themselves and which even feels like real sometimes. Are FB friends only meant to remain virtual, mere avatars rather... than people? Can FB friends come to life, and become real through online interaction-communication?
This IPL thing. They pay their batsmen crores and we pay big bucks for the tickets. Good thing they throw in some "free hits." The girlfriends are all complaining that the cool guys choose cricket over them. But to be fair to the guys, they choose girls over kho-kho, kabaddi and so many other sports.
Tax time Folks. Heard that accountants started keeping recovery rooms adjacent to their office. Request the tax authorities consider inflation when helping themselves to our income; Give a wad of currency to the gas station guy and he will let you wipe the nozzle dry. And to top it all, the economy goes bad before the bottle of milk in your refrigerator does.
All the issues being faced these days by people in love, yet all the things they do! I went on a literary journey to find what love means. It figured. Love isn"t decent. Love is glorious and shameless. - Elizabeth Von Arnim The madness of love is the greatest of heaven's blessings. - Pluto Who being loved, is poor? - Oscar Wilde

Hello Friends. We, the editors of Shehjar intend to post interesting short reads, photos, snippets and fun facts here on this page, from time to time. What do you think fb wizards? Newbies welcome.

Kashmiri Hindus start their new year, Navreh in mid March. For Hindus in Karnataka and Andhra - it is Ugadi, Marathas celebrate Gudi Padwa and the Sindhis Cheti Chand. Around mid April, other Hindus celebrate the new year as Baisakhi -Punjab, Puthandu Vazthukal -Tamil Nadu, Vishu - Kerala, Poila Baishakh -Bengal, ...and Bohaag Bihu -Assam. Shubho Naba Barsha to all.
Reader's comments
I am a Kashmiri Pandit writer based out of Pune, Maharashtra (India). I have been writing for about 12 years and have written for most Indian newspapers. I am interested in writing for Shehjaar. Please let me know I can contribute. Thanks.
CONGRATULATION for such an excellent effort. Please keep it up. Let me know what is the subscription so that I can send you and subscribe for it. With regards.
My name is Kunal Raina and I am currently an Engineering Student. I want to buy the issues of Shehjar and would love to write articles and supply other materials which would help make this
magazine better, I am currently located in Mumbai but I will be soon shifted to some other place as this is my final year. Please mail me the ways of how can i get a copy of the magazine. And convey me if i can be of any help to you. Regards.

Kunal Raina
I would like to advertise the launch of a new book, a fiction, in your magazine. Title of the book is “Zooming Ahead” Author is Mr. Sunil Kaul from Delhi. Characters of the book are Kashmiri and it is set in Jammu and Delhi. Please let me know what is involved in advertising this book in your magazine. Thanks.
Sushma Kaul
The moving finger always writes, and having written it does not look back for bouquets and brickbats, for it is wedded to a cause, which possibly is sometimes beyond ordinary human comprehension. Shehjar Team does its work out of dedication to a cause, dear to all of us. I salute your dedication and work for it constitutes an effort to keep up the legends and a culture alive which otherwise politics of the land tried to sweep away..
Keep up your valuable work, for our posterity requires it.

I want to sell my books through Shehjar. We can give the books at a suitable discount. As I have published them at my own cost, I want to generate sufficient revenue so that I can keep on publishing more. Kindly let me know how. Regards.
What is the system of getting a copy of the magazine on a monthly basis. We live at Gurgaon-Haryana..
Ashok Turki Dhar
We would like to wish all our Kashmiri biradari Navreh Mubarak. Thank you once again for keeping us connected with our roots. Your tireless efforts are greatly appreciated. Namaskar.
Arun, Nirmala and family
Herath Mubarak dear Editor Shehjar. Your journal name is so inspiring.In warm sunlight and heat, we used to say in Kashmir, let us sit in Shehjar(mostly chinar trees those days). Recently while I had occasion to deliver a lecture in Kashmir University on environment movement, I mentioned that in old times in Kashmir when all communities lived in harmony and mutual cooperation, it provided shehjar to society in general. One student got up to say it was Bone Shehjar then sir. Let us get back that shehjar, that human love and mutual understanding to live in harmony on this planet.
Prof.Saligram Bhatt.
Your Shivratri number is superb. It provides ample information about our forgotten rituals and finds parallels in myth and legend. Do keep up the good work,please.
Rainas. Boston, Mass. USA
When kashmiris talk about "shehjar", generally "Chinar" comes to our mind. Late Sh Dina Nath Walli, "Almast Kashmiri", the legendry painter poet of kashmir wrote;

" Haechhun pazi boni nish be-looce eesaar
Rataan tapus te asi bakhshan shehjar
Chhi pane rozaan wandus naen te nangay
Te asi bakhshan panvathran hund naar"

"T...se chhakh veys Chhonth kuj, zar -daar ney yaar
Kunun dyaran chhu chone madrer te wozjaar
ba chhus yeys booniye, panas manz ratith naar
nediyaraen, thakimityan kyut miyon shehjaar"
TejKrishan Walli
'Shehjar' brings shehjar to our scorched souls.
Surindar Koul
Heartiest Congratulation ! Shehjar magazine, it can help our community to be in touch with all the forthcomings.
Neetu Zutshi
Incidentally, I published and edited a Kashmiri newsmagazine by the same title for around 10 years at Ludhiana, Punjab. So, it was great to see this title come up again in my life. I wish u the very best in this noble venture.
Ravi Kumar Dhar
Shehjar is real Kashmiri word. The person who knows Kashmiri can feel the word is soothing. With a whisper of cool breeze in mild sun under a big majestic CHINAR, one can know what SHEHJAR means. I feel same when I look at it . LOTS OF LUCK
Bansilal Kuchroo
The name itself provides shehjar! and that reminds me of the Bunyi shehjar and badam phulay.
Chandra Kantroo
Our aim should mainly focus on the education of our children living in miserable conditions and to alleviate the sufferings of the elderly, besides channelizing the energies of the displaced youth in the right directions. I shall always be at your beck and call.
Motilal Bhat
I have been reading Shehjar for quite sometime now & I find it a great connect to our Kashmiri culture. Thank You Shehjar for bringing us closer.
Neerja Kaul Sadhu
Best images. Best of news in Shehjar Magazine.
Virender Sumbly
Your shehjar is giving us lots of joy.
Jyoti Goswami
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