Reader's comments

Reader's comments
Dear Readers,

From the very first day of its launch, Shehjar has been receiving meaningful messages from its readers; all of you. We are reproducing a sampling of some of the messages received by us during the first few months and then recently during the last few months.

We also received a few messages from our page on facebook.
2007; Early Messages for a few months after launch
Congratulations to you and your team for producing this wonderful magazine and launching it on this auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan and Sharavan Punima! It is not easy to produce this quality magazine!

It is now 17 Years we left our beloved Kashmir. I was then in 11th class when we moved out and during these 17 years we saw so many curves of life and reality. We saw our youth getting towards drug, but Shehjar is a platform which keeps our community alive.

Can we all collect the stories from our community and telecast them via some of the channel? If I will take an example, my sister Babli Raina was kidnapped from her friend’s home and killed on a band saw by Muslims. Our coming youths could never know this. Bita Karatey himself accepted in the month of November 1989 on DD1 that he killed 22 Army and pandits. But he is free now because no proof in court was produced.

I want to do something for my community. Suggest to me something creative to do for my community. I have good ideas, good Hindi song creating capability and painting skills.
Naresh Raina
I think this is only one of it's kind. Best of Luck.
Sanjay Wali
Wonderful work in the new e-magzine…. Keep it up.. If you need any help, please let me know. I would like to contribute some of my father’s other written works for Shehjar. Good luck with your endeavor.
Arti Kaul
Many congratulations on your new venture. May Mata Shaarika guide you all the way! I attach a few paintings of mine for the website, a humble offering for a noble cause. Best wishes & namaskar. ….
Sunil Munshi
Congrats for launching magazine. That is what educated community can do ......these are the means if not the end to communicate in modern world. You opened a way to express ourselves. I extend good wishes and support to you.i

I am concerned about art and culture which plays a great role in our social aesthetic spectrum. Kashmir has produced prolific artists with great contributions but now seems to be diminishing. Even though art being a big time profession besides a passion, unfortunately no Kashmiri youth seems to be taking it up. Some of the works of Kashmiri artists may inspire young. Congrats for launching magazine. That is what educated community can do ......these are the means if not the end to communicate in modern world. You opened a way to express ourselves. I extend good wishes and support to you.
Veer Munshi
You are doing an awesome job and this is to tell u that we are with you as only few like you have the grit and gumption needed to serve the community with zeal & zes.
Rudresh Kaul.
I really enjoyed all the issues of 'Shehjar' -- please keep it up. Choice of articles are timely and apt. Each article has flavour of its own. The entire community should be proud of this effort of yours. God bless.
Som Sapru
Shehjar publication is a welcome idea. We will look forward to receiving many more issues of Shehjar. Thank you,
Girdharilal and Prabha
Awesome job guys! I am loving the way it has a lot of potential….
Dijjotam Raina
Our profound thanks to the Shehjar team. My family joins me in warmly reciprocating your sentiments and greeting. Best wishes.
I am proud to be a part of this group! Would be an honour for me to receive all the updates? Looking forward to your responses in future and all times to com.
Sandeep Sadhu
I am not sure of the reason, but I anxiously wait for Shehjar every month. It somehow takes me back to Habbakadal. Great Job. Please keep it coming……
Ajay Kaul.
I was extremely delighted to go through the contents of this e-magazine. In particular the write-ups of my friends Dr K N Pandita and Dr K L Chowdhury were refreshing and interesting in respect of History and post-migration Literature, which surfaced only during KP's in exile . Reading of all the material provided in the e-magazine was ' NOSTALGIC '. Thanks for the effort made by all the team for this wonderful and laborious work of immense merit.
M L Bhat
Congratulations for a big success of the magazine in 3 odd months of conceiving the idea. Regards.
Pavan Raina
Thank u! I think this magazine is a lovely idea and we are certainly enjoying the articles, poems, songs and recipes! My 4 year old helped me make "moong var" and we had such a good time. Happy new yea..
Raj, Amit and Anushka
I think all our community magazines should take a lead from Shehjar and try to follow the style. It’s really very impressive. Take care……
Ashoke Pandit.
The website is an innovative approach towards getting Kashmiri community closer. I would sincerely like this website get accessed by all the Kashmiris across the globe. appealing.
Vikas Raina
Shehjar is a commendable publication. My thanks and gratitude go to all those who make it happen. I know it takes effort and time to do anything. Organizing something like this confirms quality and passion. Namaskar…..
Ajay Koul
I have been downloading and watching almost all the beautifully edited and worth preserving issues of Shejaar; from its inception. You are doing a nice job.Commendable, indeed
Dr.S.K.Raina (Shiben Krishen Raina)
I will try to work on the questions today. I'm surprised at how many people are asking questions!! I'm really excited by this. People from all over India are its good to know that we are reaching that audience as well...they are the ones who really need more access to medical (and especially preventive medical) knowledge.
Dr. Anu Munshi Khandhar
This is the first time we see such a major effort and we are really very pleased and grateful.
Jeevan Zutshi
How about making ‘Shehjar’ a fortnightly issue? As on today, SHEHJAR appears to be a viable medium for us to generate a favourable opinion. Things appear to be moving so fast that you may actually consider a regular fortnightly column on Kashmir. This could actually mean additional burden on you all who are managing the show…???... From my side I could assure regular content for this column. Warm regards..
Lalit Ambardar
Just saw the new addition. You amaze me every time I see a new issue. Regards….
Neelam Wali
I am viewing the current Shehjar, as a beautiful specimen of journalistic approach, to reach to the cross section of the readers. Really, wonderful and heart captivating. The photo journalism is also very apt, latest and related to the Jammu region. More so, the pictures and illustration that the editorial board puts with the articles, write-ups,poems add flavor to the topic concerned, and suggests the readers to go through the write-up, poem etc. instantaneously. I am thankful to you for putting the pictures and Murti of the Reshi Peer Sahib in my write-up on this great Saint of Kashmir.
Dr Chaman Lal Raina
Please do count me in any activity which is beneficial for our community. Thanks and warm regards.
Kanwal Dhar
Great effort and needs the encouragement of all people at all levels.
Mahesh Kaul
Since ages we as Hindus (and Kashmiri Pandits) are suffering and still there seems to be no solution to our miseries. These KP sites give some solace & indicate a ray of hope.…
Prabhakar Nagu
Please enroll me as a subscriber to your online magazine….
Chuni Lal Kaul
ANIL KUMAR PANDITA Raigad, Maharashtra
I love Kashmiri bhajans (in Shehjar).
Ramesh Pandita
I have enjoyed every bit of it. It will help people like me to have nostalgic feelings of my place of birth. Excellant work.
Shiban Bhan
I love this website. Really very commendable work.
Sadaf Munshi
I take the opportunity to congratulate all concerned for the great service to the dispersed community. I wish to subscribe. Please do let me know the subscription in Rupees to enable me to subscribe to the great magazine. It is wholesome magazine devoid of ugly politics and concentrating on preservation of great culture dating back to over 5000 years and preserving for posterity.. More power to your key board and mouse. Kind regards and wishing you continued success.
Mohan Kaul
After migration I saw the Moongnag. Thanks a lot. I am from Sirnoo. Thanks to u sir.
Arun Raina
I have been following your videos through google video..reallr gr8 stuff. I am Kashmiri muslim guy and wanna tell u from the core of my heart that every Kashmiri muslim love u guys and is missing and feeling the pain of separation. I wish and pray that a time comes when we will live under same roof with same brotherhood and harmony as told to me by my elders but unfortunately never got to see it....miss u guys.
Adnan Bhat
Great work promoting talent.
Vimal Raina
It’s very informative site. Regards
Jamil Maqsood, Brussels
It was a pleasure to read the articles in this issue of magazine. Keep up with the good work.
Tej Shawl, Sydney Australia
This is one of the best issues of Shehjar. Keeping the mind the high quality of all the previous issues, this ia a very big compliment for the current issue.
Vijay Trisal
We wait every month for this beautiful magazine. We commend the efforts of the editors and managers in producing such a quality publication on regular basis. This is becoming a part of our lives now.
Ashok Kaul
Shivratri greetings to our global pandit community.............time to join hands and restore Kashmir to its lost glory.
Shafat Gangoo
This may be one of the best issues thus far. Congratulations and please keep it up.
Sham Gurtoo
I SALUTE you from the core of my heart for your for your endeavour and the PASSION that you have for the entire community. I wish, pray & hope each one of us in the community develops a similar kind of zest and zeal, so that our future generations can feel PROUD in telling to the world this is our HERITAGE, CULTURE, PHILISOPHY... no matter we may have been driven out of our MOTHERLAND called MAUJ KASHIR for the mere fault that we are born as HINDUS & we call ourselves INDIANS... Hats off to you..
Dr. Ashok Kaul
A wonderful, constructive job done. You deserve special appreciation and whole hearted support from community. Please accept my heartiest congratulations. MAY GOD BLESS YOU.
Arjan Nath Saproo
The magazine is growing by leaps and bounds. I like the new look immensely.......
Vijay Trisal
Excellent magazine from Kashmir. It has helped me understand Kashmir properly.
Tilak Naidu
Wish you a happy and prosperous new year. I would like to compliment and congratulate you and your whole team for running such a wonderful and informative web magazine. It really gives "Shehjar" to the eyes and mind of a reader. Keep it up.
Rajesh Raina Head of News
At the outset, let me wish you and your entire team and their families a glorious 2009 which, with Almighty's blessings, would grant holistic wellness to each one. Also, may our entire community flourish and our youth in particular get more and more laurels in the periods to follow. As an e-magazine, the overall pleasure derived from each and every issue of "Shehjar" by me, my family and those who read it regularly is generally eclectic, considering its vast canvas and intelligent selection of subjects which appeal a lot. I am sanguine that the high quality will remain the key of "Shehjar" during 2009 as well for which best wishes and blessings I hereby convey to you.
Kapil Kumar Sopory
I appreciate your hard work and your efforts to bring our old traditions back. I will be very thankful if you add few pages for our, leela, bajan, shive mahamnapar and other shive astuti. Written pages will be beneficial because one can take printout thanks....
Swami Vidhyanand Koul
Kindly mail every issue of "SHEHJAR" on my Email ID. Thank you.
Dr. Savita Kaul (Nee Harkar)
It was wonderful reading the New Year Edition of "SHEHJAR". Indeed your efforts are highly commendable and fantastic... My salutations to you and to the entire team of "SHEHJAR"
Dr.Ashok Kaul, Dehradun
I went through the articles on the magazine, it is a beautiful contribution from all the writers. I would also like to contribute to our community. I would like to know the way how I can submit my articles.
Satish Raina

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